Dabbing marijuana?

It amazes me all the various ways people come up with doing drugs. I just learned about marijuana dabs/wax today. wow. it's crazy.... the high levels of THC involved.... i think it can be very dangerous, esp the youth that just don't know how high it is..

i know many think pot isn't addictive, but some people do get addicted to it.

anyone want to share their knowledge of "dabs"?
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  • @AlwaysAlex thanks for your input. and it is disappointing for sure...
  • @AlwaysAlex interesting. i think dabs may cause this way more than the habitual weed smoker... b/c of its potency. of course, if there's abuse going on... more likely. the long-term research just isn't there yet when it comes to marijuana....

    thanks for posting. the name is hilarious... scromit?? lol
  • @AlwaysAlex... You raise some good points. The strength of the "product" out there today is mind boggling. Not a good situation.
  • I have never heard of dabs, which is odd because I thought I heard and knew about everything out there. Sounds crazy for sure. Never heard of or read not one article on anything here in the U.S. about scromiting. That sounds pretty crazy too. Perhaps it is a real thing with some of the high the levels in some of the marijuana that is available today, but really?? Seems strange what I just looked up on the internet. I know people who have smoked regularly for probably 40 years and they have no problems at all and hold jobs, own homes, and are extremely productive people. I smoked marijuana all through high school and into my 20's. But after I bought a house and had children I lost interest completely. The only time I ever saw anyone scream and vomit was after they just used heroin. Most of the people who I knew that were smokers, basically just grew out of it or needed their money to pay bills instead and didn't feel like it was that important to buy marijuana. But there are those who seem to need it to function.?
  • I've never heard of it... Maybe it affects some more than others...or maybe it's the strands being used these days... dabbing could be very harmful thought, as it is so potent.
  • That sounds absolutely awful, @AlwaysAlex. :cold_sweat:
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