Marijuana on TV

I''m sure if you watch any amount of TV, you notice how many shows are showing people smoking pot. i'm not sure how i feel about this. in one sense, i'd rather see people smoke pot than drink... b/c i feel like pot is less addictive. and less dangerous.

still, there are those that do get addicted to pot... coming to rely on it for every day functioning. or mind alteration.

i suppose it will become just as popular as drinking on tv, which is on many, many shows. of course, most are disturbingly inaccurate, portraying it as the party drink without consequences...

what are your thoughts?
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  • I hate seeing any substance use/abuse on TV. Alcohol, weed, even cigarettes. But I suppose it's the TV folks just trying to make things realistic, and I guess i get that. I mean, I hate seeing people getting shot on cop shows, but that's reality, right?
  • @DeanD true.... not a whole lot we can do.
  • @AlwaysAlex... Agreed. Kind of like the government putting "This shit will kill you" warnings on cigarette packs, but still allowing them to be sold. That makes no sense to me either.
  • Here's an interesting tidbit for you. When the tobacco companies were forced to settle their multi-billion dollar class action lawsuits a little over a decade ago, one of the parts of the agreement was that an anti-smoking campaign, called would begin. If you saw some of their ads, you'd recognize them in a second. The tobacco lobby was on board with this under one condition -- which was agreed to. You'll never hear the words "don't smoke" or "quit smoking" in any of their PSAs. That still blows my mind.
  • That doesn't surprise me at all, @JoshuaShea. By the way, it's good to hear from you. How've you been?
  • Hey @DeanD
    I still lurk here a bit, but it feels like the porn/sex questions have been few and far between lately. I'm slammed in my ghostwriting business right now, which is perfect, but I don't get a chance to work on my blog or hang out on boards like this. The next book is still coming along, but taking longer than I thought. I expect to have it to the publisher by mid-summer. I was sorry to read about the recent drama with your son and your heart condition. As you always preach...self-care.
  • @JoshuaShea hey there. glad you are doing well. and glad you still lurk here every once in a while!! :) sounds like life is good and that's always a plus!
  • Thanks, @JoshuaShea. It's not easy, but I'm trying hard to practice what I preach.
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