Excellent article: The New Sobriety

This is an excellent article from The New York Times. There are a lot of people out there who are giving up drinking altogether or drinking less. And it's considered to be "cool." And that's a wonderful thing! Here's the link:

The New Sobriety

Here's an excerpt:

No longer do you have to feel left out or uncool for being sober. You maybe don’t even have to completely stop drinking alcoholic beverages?

This is according to a new generation of kinda-sorta temporary temperance crusaders, whose attitudes toward the hooch is somewhere between Carrie Nation’s and Carrie Bradshaw’s. To them, sobriety is something less (and more) than a practice relevant only to clinically determined alcohol abusers. Now it can also just be something cool and healthful to try, like going vegan, or taking an Iyengar yoga class.

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  • @DeanD great article and i love to hear this!

    it's true.. i have seen this occurring too, even in my family...and i love that people are talking about it more openly now...
  • Ha! I thought there was something going on. It seems like as the years go on, there is less and less of an expectation for everyone to have a drink. Also seems like only one or two cycles of, "wanna drink?" "No." Are you sure" "Yeah, I'm sure".

    Of course, reporting is only as good as the source, but I'll take this with some heavy Confirmation Bias and be good with it! (Do as I say, not as I do...)
  • @Leaker good point. i too am hoping it's the truth. i know we can all be examples...
  • Maybe the whole drinking/not drinking thing is cyclical and we're just now entering into a cycle where not drinking will be the norm. I mean, one can hope, right? ;)
  • Well @deand, man has been brewing alcohol since before he could write based on residue found in clay pots, so it has been part our species for a good long time. Plus, back in the days (prior to germ theory) they often drank beer instead of water since it didn't make people sick (the boiling killed all the parasites in the water that people didn't know existed) or the wine didn't have that issue.

    However, the culturally acceptable uses have shifted and are not constant. For instance, while in America the mark of a great party is at least one person puking their guts out and/or drunkenly rambling about something, other cultures take a more measured and moderated approach. Perhaps we can see some of that start to become more common, since based on history it is unlikely that the sobriety will be a permanent, widespread development.
  • A more measured and moderated approach would be very welcome, @Leaker.

    Did you see the video of the St. Louis Blues hockey player who threw up on himself during the victory parade on Saturday? Or Brett Hull giving a drunken, slurred, nonsensical speech to the St. Louis fans while he was hammered out of his mind? Disgusting. I hate when kids are exposed to that kind of over indulgence. I just don't get why people think they have to get THAT drunk.
  • Nope @DeanD didn't see those incidents, but it is par for the course. I mean, what do kids learn when they see their sports heroes dousing each other in champagne and chugging the bottles? In the name of "tradition", "having a good time", and "it's what I saw my heroes doing when I was growing up and now I get to have the experience!"?

    I'm not saying "no booze in the locker room", I'd have a better chance of flapping my arms, majestically rising to the sky, and never having to fly the airlines again. But, I'm slightly more realistic, so I would say the better thing is to mention to the kids what's really going on, and the consequences. As someone who was doused with champagne before, I can attest to how sticky and stinky one gets. For those two guys you mentioned, it is the biggest moment of their lives, and they might not even remember it. Plus, they will eventually have to watch the video with sober(ish) eyes. I wonder if they are going to look at it with pride, or even if just on the inside, feel a little shame for their public performance. Again, as someone who has watched those kinds of tapes of myself the next morning, it was never enough to make me stop, but always enough to feel bad about.
  • i really just hope as humanity evolves, attitudes and media portrayal of drinking will change, for the better. for health sake. i know it's been around forever...but i also think people are talking about it more openly and honestly these days...

    we shall see.
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