My son

I just wanted to update on my son, which ya'll know has been known to over-drink... He's 23 and lives with his dad. We live in different states so I don't see him that much...but our relationship is good.

Our extended family vacay was last week in the outer banks, nc. He wasn't going to he usually doesn't go on family vacay's. He's kind of in his own world and we get it. He also works full-time (yay for that)... and didn't think he could et the time off.

Well, he showed up unexpectedly and stayed for 2 nights! This made my week even better! It was a 6 hour drive.... so the fact that he did this says a lot.

As far as drinking, he brought a few cans of something... and drank them that first night... but refrained from buying more and didn't drink that next day. I thought that was wonderful! And, he really enjoyed himself.

I know he likes to have his drinks, and he has told me before he drinks maybe a six pack when he does drink...and it's not every night. It's more than I'd like him to, but I do think he has calmed down from years ago when he would drink till he passed out.

I still hope he will quit one day... I don't harp on him anymore. I pray for him. I keep in touch some...and he has been texting me some, which is nice.

I say all that to say as a parent of an adult child that drinks... I understand what it means to pray...and so on. And it feels good when things are going I thought I'd share this with ya'll!

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