Hello Everyone V 2.0

Ha ha ha... @tiredmom @AlwaysAlex no trip advisor!!!!!!

I need a vacation too!

So I get another text from that wanker that he’s planning on running a kids camp for a week. Insert eye roll. So he wanted to know if any of my kids would be interested haha... um no.

This gets more and more interesting.

Anyways date -#2 tomorow with Mr. Green eyes haha... we are going out for lunch and a walk around town. He asked if he could pick me up and said he wanted to be my chauffeur for the day haha.. and we were talking about a bunch of stuff we can do together. So he could be it? Who knows. He does seem very sweet and old fashioned though and told me he thinks I’m a great catch and he’s excited.

Took my kids and dog to the beach tonight too. And they have a few neighbourhood friends so it seems like it’s going to be a great summer. They ride bikes and migrate from backyard to backyard. I’m usually outside too
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  • @Vicbrenan hey there. always tough to know for sure if it's "the one"... but ya gotta keep rolling with it to see! glad you feel good about it so far.

    is he a drinker? just curious...

    glad you get to go to the beach! i'm sure the kids and dog love that!
  • @dominica I don’t think he drinks much. He said he was rather anti-social as a teen etc. He was adopted so I’m Definately curious to know more about that. I don’t think I’ve had any red flags that he’s into drinking or drugs. His hobby is building and painting these video game characters which is a tad weird but whatever haha... if he needs an obsessive outlet I guess doing something like that is better.

    Or were you asking if Jason is a drinker because of the odd texts and ideas hahaha ?
  • Yay! Version 2.0! Thanks for making a new thread, @Vicbrenan! :)
  • @DeanD haha no prob!

    So I might have hit the jackpot and I’m slightly afraid of messing things up haha! Date #2 went well. We went out for sushi and then stopped at my fave coffee shop while we were walking around downtown. There was a little hand holding. There was a goodbye kiss. And we are going to get together again on Tuesday! He’s working 12 hour shifts fri, sat and sun and doesn’t do a lot when he’s working I guess.

    And @tiredmom he said he doesn’t really want or need to have his own kids. He said he feels like that’s something you should do earlier and doesn’t want to be an older guy with babies.
  • Fingers crossed for you, @Vicbrenan! <3
  • Hey I found it! Your new post. That sounds like a really nice day @Vicbrenan . Lunch, walking around town, coffee, and handholding, plus a kiss. Sounds pretty good to me. Painting these characters tells me he has a creative side. That's o.k. so as long as he's not bipolar or anything! Lol. That was a joke. My goofy sense of humor. I think I have been around too many people for way too long with some type of issue, that it has me paranoid. Lol. I like sweet and old fashioned. You will definitely get a better guy that is a bit old fashioned. It sounds like the kids are having a good time. I'm jealous as I would love to migrate from yard to yard on a bycicle. Makes me think of when I was a kid and I would make my rounds to several different aunt's houses to see what they had good to eat. They always had something delicious and homemade. Just go with the flow and enjoy. And Helleluya he doesn't care about having kids! Lol.
  • Happy 4th of July!!!!
  • Happy 4th to you too @Vicbrenan ! Hope you are having a great day!
  • @tiredmom haha well I’m in Canada so it doesn’t really apply to me.
  • It's still July 4th though! So you can have a happy July 4. Lol
  • @AlwaysAlex lol that’s too funny, stranger things must be a good show. The guy I’m seeing watches it, and my 11 year old watches it sometimes. I guess I should check it out. Glad you had a great day!!!

    I am really trying hard not to be a freak with this guy. He actually seems very normal and nice. And I am really not used to it and it feels weird. Dating so many douchebags that are unavailable emotionally really throws you for a loop when you find someone more normal. He’s quite nerdy and quiet, but he seems very mature and confident in his approach to dating. And I love that he gets red faced and blushing sometimes. It’s really sweet haha, like we were talking about people that look like their online pictures or don’t. So I asked him if I looked like mine and he went like totally beet red and had the biggest smile and said ya you are really cute, I’m happy.

    I get the vibe that he is relatively inexperienced with women, which is ok. Better then players who bang like 10 different women a month. I think I’m getting real genuine innocent reactions which is such a nice change.
  • Stranger Things. Another TV show I've never seen. But I know a lot of people love it, and that's a good thing. :)
    Hope y'all had a good July 4th. (Except for you, @Vicbrenan! I know it's all about July 1st up where you are!)

    HAPPY FRIDAY, KIDS!!!! :sunglasses:
  • He sounds like a really great guy @Vicbrenan . I'm glad you met someone who seems nice and genuine. I'm sure it does feel weird after dating assholes. That is what I call them. Lol. Hopefully you can continue to enjoy dating someone who is genuine. Glad for you.

    @AlwaysAlex I need a new show to watch. I'll have to check out Stranger Things. Yesterday my neices were talking about The Handmaid's Tale. They want me to come watch it from the beginning with them, so I will probably check that one out. Your trainride sounds awesome. Sounds like a great day.

    Happy Friday too @DeanD ! Hope you had a good day yesterday! Have a good weekend all! I'm going to a grad party this afternoon and then to fireworks tonight. I'm like a kid when it comes to fireworks. Lol.
  • @Vicbrenan he sounds like a good guy. glad he isn't much of a drinker. that is surely a plus!! interesting hobby! i think it's great!!
  • @dominica me too!!!! I like that he has hobbies and doesn’t drink.

    I took my dog out to a beach tonight, it’s a tiny rock beach but the water is so clear and clean and beautiful. It felt great and was so freshing.
  • Oh wise and all knowing @tiredmom hahaha.... um so next date plan with this guy might be a trip to my favourite place to swim. I take my dog there but it could potentially be a very sweet/romantic place to be. I don’t want to put too much effort into stuff, this is only going to be our third date. But he’s been a great planner, paid for our last date etc. I was thinking of packing a couple cold drinks (non-alcoholic) and maybe a nice little snack to take. I have a hard time reining back sometimes because I know how to bake really well and I enjoy spoiling people. What would be an acceptable and non-desperate seeming way to impress him hahahhaa .... he’s just so sweet and nice. I want to make it special for him without seeming crazy. He’s been very upfront about how he feels and everything.
  • @Vicbrenan That sounds like a really great date. Since you like to bake, how about a couple of different types of muffins? Chocolate Chip seems like a good choice and perhaps another type in case he isn't a chocolate fan? But that is unlikely. Who doesn't like chocolate. At least you can say you made them and then let him know you enjoy baking. Lol. I'm not sure what type of snack you are thinking, but I went hiking and swimming with my husband when we first met, and I packed up some sandwiches on little buns and also made chocolate chip cookies. It was a good day.
  • @tiredmom haha ok, just didn’t want to go overboard. I do good brownies and macaroons and stuff. Was thinking cold drinks, maybe some strawberries and a baked goodie or two. He said he likes the sand dunes, but was willing to give the bluff a try since I liked it. I like it because it’s clean and there’s no sand, I just hate the mess sand makes.
  • That sounds good. Just remember brownies make a mess of your teeth. Lol. That is why I said muffins. The bluff sounds like a place I would love. I hear ya regarding the sand . I like the beach and I love a white Sandy beach, but I don't like sand in my bathing suit bottom. Lol
  • Haha @tiredmom well thats a Good point ive never thought of. Ill see what i can come up with. Ive never had anyone who wanted to do those types of dates, but he seems to want to. And ever time I talk about something he says we should go on a date there haha...

    He did tell me he is rather introverted and doesn’t have a huge social circle and was kind of anti-social growing up. But he seems to be the most normal and seeet guy I’ve met
  • Not having a huge social circle sounds perfect to me @Vicbrenan . There is nothing worse than a guy with too many friends who are always trying to pull him in different directions. I myself prefer someone with a few close friends, but who isn't always wanting to do something with too many different people. That leaves more time for you in todays busy world where people are having to date around their busy schedules. Less arguments that way too and less opinions and interference. That's great he paid for your last date. He's being a gentleman.
  • @tiredmom agree! I don’t have many close friends either, but the ones who are mean a lot. I do have quite a big social circle though so if I want to go out and party I do have people I can do that with. It’s just not something I’m interested in lol...

    Anyways we aren’t going up to the bluff this date this time. He suggested hanging out around here, maybe dinner and take my dog to the dog part etc and chat. Which is fine for me. He said he wants to save going out to the beach for a couple more dates down the road so we can make it more special haha. So I don’t know what that means, maybe he had his own romantic thoughts about that date, or maybe he’s an axe murderer, who knows lol!

    How was everyone else’s weekend?

    I went and visited my friend and her baby on sat. And then went out for dinner and walked around town with my guy friend. Played pool at his apartment. Was a nice evening. It’s kind of a weird feeling to have a guy who is that good of a friend. But we just get along really well.
  • @Vicbrenan sounds like your weekend was great! low key here... it's very hot and humid here... sooooooo, not a lot to enjoy outdoors at the moment...
  • Hope everyone is having a good week!!!

    So jason made several attempts to get me to sleep with him lmao... yah nah... never.

    And I had a great date with Dan last night! He seems very sweet. I don’t think there has been any guy for a long time that has waited for sex haha... anyway we just hung out at my house and chatted, cuddled, made out. We went to the grocery store together and bought some
    Stuff to make dinner together. He did say he is looking forward to when we can be more physical haha but good for him for keeping it in his pants this time. He said he is emotionally very available and likes commitment and intimacy. He doesn’t seem to have any trouble expressing how he feels so I believe him lol. And he seems to be on par with really finding a companion type commitment for the long haul.
  • Happy almost Friday, @Vicbrenan. Bummer for Jason. Yay for you and Dan. Sounds like you had a nice little time last night! :naughty:
  • I'll post later, but I am not getting my notifications at my email???? Just had to look for this as I wondered why noone was posting, but you are.
  • @Vicbrenan sounds promising!! glad ya'll are enjoying each other's company!
  • Thanks guys! Busy weekend here. Birthday part for my little one today and there is a fair in town also.

    Tomorrow I’m supposed to have a date with dan. So that will be nice. I keep waiting for a red flag or for him to say something off haha... is being too perfect a red flag or does it just mean he’s the right guy?
  • LMAO over Jason @Vicbrenan ! Doesn't it feel good to blow him off! Anyway, I am glad you are enjoying your dates with Dan. So far he seems like a great guy. I think it is still a little bit early to know for sure 100 percent, because we are all on our best behavior in the beginning, lol, but I think he might be a good one. I've been having trouble getting notifications. Actually, I don't get any so I have to dig around. Something not working correctly? Hope your little one has a great birthday party and you both enjoy your day. I'll be taking care of my flowers, cleaning my pool filter, yuk, and giving my husband a haircut later. Still trying to think of something fun to do tonight.
  • @tiredmom sounds like a good day for you! I love working outside. It’s so satisfying.

    Jason still hasn’t cut off my Netflix. Going to guess he’s going to make a round again some day to see if I want to be friends, FWB or whatever hahaha

    It really does seem too good to be true to find a guy that’s both good looking and nice haha! He’s very cute, always checks in, let’s me know what he’s up to, wishes I was there etc. Too cute. I can’t wait to see him tomorow!

    The birthday went well but I’m exhausted haha honestly
  • @Vicbrenan Well I end up cleaning the pool filter then floating for awhile. Of course, because I can't sit still I did a little bit of weeding. Later on I went to the city for a huge food festival. Walked around looking at the local artists work, listened to some music and ate the best ribs I ever had in my life! They were sooooo good. I just got home. Tomorrow we are going to take our boat down the river for a little cruise. My son is coming along and my husband is going to let him drive the boat for a bit. That should be interesting. Lol. The new guy does seem nice and he certainly is interested. Great he checks in and seems to be pretty into you! I'm sure you will have a great time tomorrow. I bet you are excited! So glad for you.
  • Ugh I have lactose issues and old eaten way too much crap and look like I’m 6 months pregnant right now because of bloat. Yuck.. terrible feeling.

    @tiredmom it sounds like you had a fantastic day!!!
  • Drink lots of water @Vicbrenan . Maybe that will help. I hate when I get bloated!
  • Thanks @tiredmom :) i hate bloating haha its so painful.

    Hope everyone had a Nice weekend!

    We went to the fair today and had a great time. Then i got a babysitter, youll all be Proud haha, and went out for a Nice date! I dont remember the last time I hired a sitter to do something for myself. So we had a nice dinner out and sat down by the bay and chatted and kissed a bit. He said again that even though he really would like to have sex and he’s a very physical person that he thinks it’s important in a long term relationship to wait a bit so there’s more intimacy and feelings.
  • @tiredmom @Vicbrenan sounds like life is going well for both of you! a river cruise sounds fantastic! kissing by water also sounds fantastic :)

    hope ya'll have a beautiful week!
  • Happy Monday, ladies! Hope y'all have a great week! :)
  • @Vicbrenan what a nice night you had! I like that he said the words"long-term relationship. It seems pretty promising that he is not just a player.

    @dominica. It was a nice time on the river even though my son I both had moments of nervousness and paranoia! Lol. We both get a little freaked out after going fast and then when you slow down the boat kind of bounces up and down a bit. We don't love it as much as my husband, but overall we enjoyed ourselves. But damn, was it hot.

    Happy Monday to you too @DeanD! I hope the powers that be can get my notifications fixed. It's a bit difficult finding out who is posting and when. Hope you had a good weekend.
  • @tiredmom I just come to the page and look at the latest posts and can usually find current stuff. I don’t get email notifications either. Sounds like you and your son had a good time!

    And yes I don’t take him to be a player at all. He was out with his friends back home (45 mins away from me) and he said they wanted to come to Our town and go out to the fair and invite me haha. So his friends know he’s seeing someone too. We have a lot in common and a lot of similar views/goals so that’s good.

    I do think it’s a bit weird to have a guy say he wants to wait to have sex. But he assured me that he finds me very pretty, sexy, beautiful etc and he just wants us to build a good connection so that it’s special. Like seriously, where did he come from? I honestly don’t think I’ve met a guy as respectful and kind as he is.
  • I hate that I am no longer getting notifications. Hopefully it will get figured out. It was so much more convenient to know if someone posted a comment or posted something to me in particular. I don't want to miss something and then not reply because I didn't see it. But anyway, hopefully it will be fixed. The guy does seem very nice. Yes, it is a little weird regarding the sex thing. I find it more odd that he talks about it, rather than just staying quiet and waiting until he thinks the time is right. That would probably make me a bit uncomfortable, only because I would be wondering when he is going to have deeper feelings for me. Yes it is great to wait and be respectful of course , but at the same time, sex can be what brings people closer emotionally. Damn these guys today are a confusing bunch! Lol. Glad you are having a good time though. Seems like it can turn into a good relationship.
  • @Vicbrenan There was nothing posted on your 10 20 pm post. All that came was,
    @tiredmom ??
  • Lmao I see that.... there was more to that post. I think I just agreed that men were confusing hahaha... and he is quite open and emotional so I definately don’t think waiting is his way of sloughing me off.
  • LMAO @Vicbrenan . I don't think so either. He seems genuinely nice so far. But it never hurts to be observant and always trust your gut. It seems like he has a little bit of a sensitive side from what you are saying.
  • @AlwaysAlex that's' sad. we all know there is a good man underneath that alcoholism... before whatever happened to him...and he decided to drink...and drink more... it's def sad.

    i'm sure many factors are involved.
  • That is very sad. He may have been having withdrawals and I know it can be dangerous actually depending on how severe his alcohol intake is. I'm embarrassed to say my first thought would have been to give him $10 for a cheap bottle of wine, since the man was literally on his knees begging. I hate seeing shit like that.
  • Definitely a sad situation for that man, @AlwaysAlex. I hope he can someday free himself from the bonds of alcohol.
  • I just want to go on record as saying women can be confusing, too. ;)
  • Damn you're smart @AlwaysAlex. How did you figure that one out about women. We thought we were slick doing that! Yes, @DeanD. I agree. Woman can be very confusing. Lol
  • ha... women CAN be confusing for sure... i'll speak up for myself in saying that i am genuinely confused at times... by myself and by women. <3

    the journey of life... very interesting.
  • @DeanD I am NEVER confusing haha!

    @AlwaysAlex that’s really shitty and sad. I remember being in a bigger city here and seeing a really thin and high women at a coffee shop one night and all she wanted was a muffin and had nothing. So I paid for it and the tellers of the shop were really pissed that I did thay. Yes she was obviously on drugs, but she was clearly very hard done by.

    Omg I got a load of more fill for my yard and I’m knackered lol... soooo tired
  • OMG @DeanD . I just got a bunch of notifications! It must be working again. Yeeaaay!
  • Maybe we should just admit that HUMANS can be confusing! :)
  • @tiredmom... I told the powers-that-be to take care of you and apparently they did. Glad it's working again for you! Yay!
  • Thanks @DeanD !! Damn I have a migraine today. Boo hoo
  • Sorry to hear that, @tiredmom. I had a cardioversion done this morning! After more than 2 months of a racing heartbeat, I’m back in a normal rhythm! God is good! <3
  • That is wonderful to hear @DeanD ! Glad you are doing better now. Yes God is good!
  • @tiredmom I hope you feel better soon!

    @DeanD I’m glad to hear you’re heart rythym is better! What a relief!
  • My headache finally started to subside @Vicbrenan , thank goodness. It always starts with an issue in my neck. Unfortunately, it is a good thing usually to be athletic and have athletic type hobbies when you are young, but you pay for it when you're older apparently. I did too much in my younger years and gave myself issues in my neck. It sucks. Anyway, I did manage to get my pork loin that I marinated yesterday and wrapped with Applewood bacon in the oven . It was really good and I felt alot better after I ate. What's going on with you today? Hope you had a good day.
  • @tiredmom omg yesterday I was so tired. We’ve had a very busy week. But your pork loin sounds super yummy! How was is? I wanted to reply last night but I couldn’t even type anything hahaha

    We went to a friends yesterday for a pool party and bbq and it was great. It was my youngest kids birthday. So we had a nice little get together.

    Today I took the kids and Marley to the beach. They loved it!!!!! And then they went to my ex’s moms for a birthday thing so I got to have a nice evening with dan. It just amazes me how sweet and kind he seems. I really don’t think I’ve met anyone like him. He’s a little awkward because he’s really inexperienced with relationships, but he had a good upbringing and I feel like it’s kind of a good think he hasn’t really been ruined and no baggage from ex’s and stuff. He is 100% committed to being a great partner and it shows already.
  • @Vicbrenan I know what you mean when you say you are too tired to type. Lol. I get the same way sometimes. I'm so tired I can't even think sometimes. It seems like you all had a really good time. I bet the kids loved the beach and pool party. My grandaughter is six and I had her twice this week. She loves swimming! She's like a little fish.
    Your Dan sounds like a great guy so far. I think it is awesome that he doesn't have any baggage and even the awkwardness is o.k. That means you can train him up right! LMAO. Ooooh, that one ought to stir up the guys on this forum. Lol
    Anyway, what was it you were complaining about in the past? Wasn't it you who said you don't think you will ever meet anyone? And didn't I tell you, you will meet someone when you least expect it, and to be patient? Lol. I'm messing around with you and in one of my ornery moods. I'm really glad you are enjoying yourself and spending time with a guy who seems very into you and who is also respectful. You don't deserve anything less from a guy. Glad you had a good time together.
  • @tiredmom haha yep that was me! I said all those things. But it’s still hard to believe I met a guy this nice. He seems like he is the type who will do anything for the woman he loves. He is planning a camping trip for us in August so that will be fun. And his mom and friends know all about me so I’m happy
  • Really happy for you, @Vicbrenan. Don't screw things up! ;)
    Happy Friday, everyone!!! <3
  • Happy Friday! That's right @Vicbrenan. Don't go telling all your deepest darkest secrets! Lol. Sometimes we women get carried away and feel like we can spill our guts. Don't do that. You don't want to say anything to scare him off. ie; ex boyfriend's, etc.!
  • @DeanD @tiredmom true words of wisdom hahahahhahaaa love it! But good reminders all the same. I don’t really think he cares much about my ex’s or whatever, so as long as my psycho ex doesn’t say anything I think things will be ok, I’ve never been the type to talk about ex’s either, that’s part of the reason the guy I dated last year was pissed off, he was fully into getting all of my history and got mad because I didn’t give him all of the details. But I’m just not going to talk about anything unless he asks.

    He said his mom was happy for him and is hoping he will get married and stuff one day haha... so who knows what will happen.
  • @Vicbrenan he sounds like a gem indeed! so glad to hear ya'll had a good weekend. you deserve all sorts of happiness!

    have a great day!
  • Thanks @dominica !!!!!

    How was everyone’s weekend?

    Mine was decent! Had my riding lesson with my coach Friday and then went out with the girls for dinner. Met up with dan afterwards and things got a bit heated and then there were some technical issues. He said it’s not me and he is really nervous with new partners so I dunno. Never had that happen but I told him I was in no rush and it wouldn’t make run away. He is far too nice and good I’m a lot of ways.

    Saturday my friend came down from Out of town and we went out for a burger and drink and hung out a bit.

    Other then that I’ve been working on my sun room!
  • Glad to hear you had a good weekend @Vicbrenan. Sounds fun! I went to a little street festival with some music and food vendors in the city with my sister. It was something my niece was organizing so went to support her. It was extremely hot so I did manage to get some pool time in at my place and my sisters. She had dinner at my house Saturday and I ate at hers Sunday. This is how we ensure we are not cooking every day. Lol
    You know, when you first started talking about your new guy not pushing for ____ , the first thing I thought was maybe there is a little issue going on in that regard? If he is on the shy side or lacks any confidence, that could happen. I'm glad you didn't make it a big deal. Not that you would, of course, but hopefully in time he will feel less nervous. Unless he is nervous because he has that issue. Only time will tell. But who cares for now. He seems like a great guy. Perhaps when the pressure is off, and you have been together a little longer, he'll be o.k. Let's hope.
  • Haha @tiredmom i thought something was fishy when he didn’t push for it in the beginning too... I can’t even go into entire details because I do think he is just anxious like he said. We just ended up doing other stuff and that was fine. The “parts” Definately work. It’s a mental thing. He is relatively inexperienced relationship wise so I’m guessing physically he is as well.

    I’m pissed about the mice though and the wires in the sunroom. I have to wait for my uncle now to come do electrical work. Oh ya, did I mention the chewed wires I found?
  • No you didn't mention the mice @Vicbrenan ! Damn little ....ers! Glad you found them. You sure don't want an electrical fire! Better get a bunch of traps and maybe some poison unless you think the dog will find it. You don't even have to go into detail about anything. I know exactly what you are talking about. It's so bizarre, but I swear I had a feeling that might happen. I'm starting to scare myself with all my darn feelings. You must think I am a nut! Lol.
  • @tiredmom hahaha well that’s ok if you’re a nut! I keep coming back anyway lol!!!! So weird though, I’ve never had that happen. But I can see how it would with him because of how sweet and quiet he is.
  • Most likely he is so worried he won't be able to please you or be good enough, he is having performance anxiety. And it's also possible he doesn't have a whole lot of experience with women. Unlike like those dogs who are constantly sniffing around for the next one.
  • Haha yep @tiredmom at least I’ve still got free Netflix compliments of jason hahaha... and the funny thing is my best friends husband is named jason too so they just told me if anyone questions my Netflix to say it is theirs hahaha

    Anyway... one day I’ll get my own account. Why though when I already have it paid for?
  • @Vicbrenan glad you had a good weekend. and great you're understanding when it comes to the physical intimacy... sounds like things are going great for you... happy to hear it!

    @tiredmom sounds like your weekend was great too. a street festival sounds fun! i tend to like festivals, except when it's so hot and humid... we had some rain this weekend that brought the temps to mid 80's, which i welcomed so much!


    have a great day!
  • Just for the record, there's nothing wrong with easing into the whole physical thing, too. Right? Or am I just old-fashioned?
  • You are not old-fashioned at all @DeanD . I know plenty of young people who don't believe in rushing into bed with every person they might meet. I actually have 16 niece's and nephews. Lol. The oldest being 32. And I know more young people because of them and my kids friends too. And YES, this generation is definitely a little different when it comes to the physical aspect of things, lol, but there are still those who have some morals, are not easy, and who value themselves enough not to hop into bed on the first date. Especially since there are so many out there that are just looking for a good time before quickly moving on to someone else. There are both male and females that are happy enough just hooking up, and think nothing of it. But anyone who is looking for a real relationship gives it some time. At least that is what I have been told?
  • I agree with you guys @DeanD and @tiredmom.... easing into things is totally better.

    That being said I do find my relationship etiquette in that aspect is a little messed up becsause of dealing with so many people who do rush. So anyway needless to say obviously he was not ready for the full deal so we are waiting a bit. Still doing lots of other physical and intimate stuff getting to know each other
  • I think that is really the best way to go @Vicbrenan . My motto has always been if a guy tries to get you in the sack on the first date and you shut him down saying you don't sleep with people who are basically a stranger and he never calls you again, then it's a good thing. Too many players out there just looking for a quick hookup. Screw that, no pun intended. Lol. That is one way to weed out the idiots and to protect yourself from being used. Just remember even though there are people out there who want to rush things, you are the master of your own body and you can say I don't think so, any time you want to. Don't ever let anyone pressure you into anything. How they operate doesn't have to dictate what you do. Glad you are enjoying your time with your new guy. The rest will come soon enough.
  • @tiredmom totally agree!!! Haha

    And I guess when it’s rains it pours eh? This guy that my friend tried to set me up with months ago messaged me via fb last night. Guess he’s finally over his ex gf and wanted to get to know each other. Soooo I had to have the awkward convo that I’m already seeing someone. Anyway... haha... kinda sucks because he is a really super nice guy and I would have dated him in a heart beat. But anyway. Not meant to be.
  • @AlwaysAlex you are so funny. You know my name handle on here is actually the name of my old horse. Honestly though both guys seem like great men so i dont think ive Lost out with either haha.

    My kids have not męt this guy but they saw him come to pick me up one night and they know he exists. I’ve just told them I have to get to know him really well to make sure he is a good person etc. So they asked to see a picture of him and they all loved his picture. It kind of broke my heart a little because they are really craving having a man in their life, especially my son.

    In less melodramatic news my 2 youngest kids have simultaneously decided to start boxing lessons and it’s so friggan cute. I like the work outs they have to do and I think it’s great for them.
  • No @AlwaysAlex . The change is over
    Lol. And I am confused why did you ask dominica if he is a drinker? Am I missing something?
  • Lmao you guys are both hilarious.

    @AlwaysAlex i do have another horse and her name is sam and she is psycho. Ive literally had like one successful ride on her in the last year.

    I’m dreading the change and I’m afraid it’s coming soon haha... I’m only 34
  • Omg @Vicbrenan ! You are nowhere near the change. Lol. When I was 34, that was the last thing on my mind. Haha. @AlwaysAlex , I somehow missed that one from dominica? Alex I think you do need a nap babe. It seems like you might have had a little bit too much sugar tonight. LMAO. That's U.S. humor in case you didn't know. Actually, you are funny.
  • I knew it @AlwaysAlex ! I just sensed right away you were a little hyper. Lol. But I know you are someone who is sober so I figured it must be sugar. Lol. How much sugar is in that drink?
  • @Vicbrenan I think it is cool he draws videogames figures? That is what you said isn't it? I used to have a good old time drawing cute little bugs dressed up, that lived in mushroom houses. I always said I was going to write a children book with those characters. I never did, but maybe I still can. Now don't you be giving your new guy my idea. Lol. I think toys would be cute too with my little bugs and their houses.
  • Happy sleeping @AlwaysAlex . @Vicbrenan . Give that horse a softer more feminine name and she will let you ride her. Maybe something like Sweet pea! Lol
  • @tiredmom hahahhaa ya I’ll call her seeet pea while she’s trying to kill me

    @AlwaysAlex you’re hilarious

    And yes he paints video game figurines haha but I think it’s a cool hobby and he’s so sweet it doesn’t matter
  • @Vicbrenan please excuse me for posting to Alex in regards to something we had going on in another post. I hope you don't mind.
    @AlwaysAlex I truly did not mean to imply you have an issue with energy drinks. It was merely a joke. I was giving you an out, because honestly, I thought your posts to Melinda were a bit harsh and that is usually not like you. Actually you were hitting her below the belt. I know we all have our opinions but really? You were being pretty rough. I was a bit surprised by some of what you said. And no things are not perfect regarding the way people are prosecuted for DUI's in the U.S. Depending on how many you had, depends on the punishment. The one thing is Everyone gets put on probation. Are tested by the P.O. and if you are found using, you go to jail. The courts do order people to meetings and there are many who don't really want to be there. But there are some who have a change of heart and end up getting involved with the meetings because they have the support and decide to take advantage of it. I must say there are sooooo many options for people who want to get well here if they want the help. Do not be offended by anything I have said. I simply wanted you to understand you were being harsh. We women sometimes need a little bit more gentleness. Lol.
  • @tiredmom absolutely don’t mind at all what you guys talk about in my thread lol!!! I agree women tend to need some gentleness as well in Canada there are lots of great programs for people who want the help. But if they don’t have their heart in it, they won’t succeed. And we all know it usually takes any number of attempts for addicts etc to fully be able to make a commitment to therapy and groups!

    @AlwaysAlex I think that it’s great that there are recovery groups on Xbox! I really had no idea. I don’t think Dan does Xbox, he has a computer that he games on I think. Could be wrong I really have no clue on that stuff.

    I think we’ve reached the puke worthy texting stage of super mushy and affectionate messages hahahha.... kind of nice because I haven’t been with a guy this sweet for a very long time. He’s all about talking about feelings and the future so I like it. Haven’t had this loving of a relationship in a long time.
  • That is awesome @Vicbrenan . I love that you are getting to experience the mushy stuff. This guy does seem genuine. Don't think he is one of the players who are just looking for a quick piece of tail. This is what it's like with a nice guy. Perhaps you see the difference even more clearly from the attitude and behavior of some of your other dates? I'm excited for you to see where this leads. Hopefully he is everything he seems to be so far. Glad you are having fun.
  • @tiredmom oh absolutely! I totally think he is genuine. Especially given his personality, I don’t think he has it in him to be a player.

    Honestly I’ve met guys that have come on strong like this before and I’ve always broken up with them because they seemed off to me haha! But I’m really making a solid attempt to just let things fall when and where they happen with him. I like him equally as much as he likes me which is part of the big difference
  • @AlwaysAlex I don’t know how many energy drinks you drink and I’m not a judgey asshole, but they are really bad for you and can cause a lot of heart related illness. So be careful. Lots of younger folk coming into the hospital with heart attacks etc.
  • Omg @tiredmom my daughter yells at me in this highpitched voice and it’s all I can do to stay calm
  • That is not good @Vicbrenan . I can't remember how old you said she is? I would send her to her room when she does that. Or take a privilege away or something she likes. You could also completely ignore her and tell her you will be glad to talk and listen when she stops yelling.
  • @tiredmom she’s almost 11 and yes I take away privileges and she goes to her room. Still annoying haha
  • @Vicbrenan I was a screamer and tantrum taker. My temper was extreme as a child. Noone knew how to handle me. I was exactly 11 years old when one day I was screaming and acting up. My Dad happened to come to the house and heard me. He hooked up this microphone with a huge speaker and opened the windows without my knowledge. While I was screaming he put the microphone to my mouth and all the neighborhood kids and my friends heard me. I was mortified! Lol. When I realized what was happening, I immediately shut up. Maybe you could threaten to video her on your phone and put it on Social media. Lol. That ought to make her think twice. Lol
  • Very well said, @tiredmom. Thank you.
  • Lmao!!!!’ @tiredmom that’s brilliant and hilarious!
  • I never forgot it @Vicbrenan ! The next time your daughter is yelling and disrespecting you, pull out your phone and video her. Then keep it in the phone. Then ask her if you should put it on social media to show her friends and the world how she acts so perhaps someone out there will have a good idea of what to do about her poor behavior? I'll bet she would love that.
  • Another idea and I have done this is to plan something fun for the kids on the weekend. Whoever misbehaves or disrespects during the week doesn't get to go. Even if you have to hire a babysitter for one child. It doesn't take long to figure out they don't want to be left behind when there is something fun going on.
  • Lol @tiredmom also a good idea!

    Omg I could kill my friend who tried to set me up with this guy. He’s still messaging me lol. I already told him I was seeing someone and whatnot. He seems like he would be a great guy to date but like I already told him I’m not single. And he’s like well it would be nice if we could meet etc. Dead. Where were all these guys a few weeks ago?

    And omg haha I talk to my guy friend about this, the one who I text and hang out with frequently, I’ll bitch about these guys wanting to meet and stuff and then I’m like hey want to go grab a burger together?
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