What would you tell your younger self?

If you could go back to when you were young... child, teen, or young adult, what would you tell him/her??
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  • I would tell myself not to rush into relationships and marriage. I came from a very poor living situation growing up since my dad died. I was often alone and did not have your typical family life. I feel like it cause me to rush in life and try and start a family early because I craved it. I craved having a family.
  • I would tell myself to get a counselor and a spiritual guru early on... high school. choose a different major in college. move out of my home town. learn about this thing called "retirement" and have a game plan for it early on.

    so much more, i'm sure.
  • Follow your dreams and do what you want to do with your life; and don't let what other people think persuade you to do otherwise.
  • I would tell my younger self that my self worth is not based on what a man tells me. That I deserve more. I would have taken care of ME much earlier in my life and set boundaries. I would not have prolonged my 1st marriage long after it was really over out of fear. I would have warned myself to trust my gut instinct with my 2nd husband and probably would not have even gotten involved with him.

    BUT..... every single thing that I went through gave me wisdom and experience that I can use to help others with and possibly prevent someone else from going down the long roads I've been down.

  • I would tell myself not to get on that ferris wheel at the local fair with that good looking boy who makes Brad Pitt look ugly! I would have stayed as far away from him as possible. I would tell myself not to give up ballet and don't get into the partying and study and go to college and become an attorney or an international interpretor like my guidance counselor told me to do. I would say don't get married at 18. Don't have children young. I would tell myself to not worry about taking care of someone else and take care of myself instead. I would have told myself I deserved better than what I was getting and to run away from that boy as fast as I could because being with him would effect my whole life.
  • very good advice everyone!
  • I'd tell my younger self to not go the "college" I went to, a glorified YMCA more concerned with their football team than any kind of academic prowess. And I'd add that graduating with a 2.9 GPA isn't the same as a 3.0. There is a stark difference. I'd also say that AA isn't the only choice out there; plenty of options other than burning yourself out with alcohol or going a meetings 3 times a week.

    But there is also the good. As cliche as it sounds, love does show up when you least expect it, as long as you keep working towards it. Jobs are good, as long as you keep working towards one. And sobriety is REALLY good, as long as you keep working...ok, you get the trend.
  • No matter what I had to say, my younger self likely would not have listened. I look at my decisions as part of my journey... what my soul needed to go through to uplevel. Lessons I hadn’t learned in past lives
  • Get that education early in life! I went back to school when I was pregnant with my first kid, and went part time for the next 14 years til I finished with a masters in finance. I had some really tough, lean years raising 2 kids without much help from their dad after we divorced.
  • "You're not going to listen to me anyway...but at least give sushi a try earlier on."
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