How I quit smoking cigarettes


First, I want to say that quitting cigarettes should not be something you do immediately following your first stretch of sobriety. Give yourslef six months to a year before quitting smoking. You will appreciate having something to hold onto after getting sober.

Once you are ready, however, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here's how I did it:

I came up with all the reasons why I must quit. The rule is: if you can come up with enough good reasons why you MUST do something, then you can do ANYTHING.

One great reason for quitting smoking is to be out of the trap. You already got yourself away form alcohol or hard drugs-even the unsuspecting pot-and now you should be ready get out of the tobacco trap.

Keep in mind that cigarette money is great investment money. If you put away just $5 dollars a day into secure investments at the bank and you don't touch it, well, after 25 years you will have about a million dollars. This is because of compound interest. The interest stacks on itself. So, if you put in $12 a day (about the cost of one pack) you wouldn't make two million but more like three an half million from all the interest stacking on itself.

Even better though is your ability to invest in startups. This is where the smart money goes. Look it up on Google and find what Forbes said about startups. You can start with $100. This is probably the best way to get financial freedom right now.

So those are two reasosn why I made it a MUST to quit.

Then I got off the smokes and started chewing about four or fives pieces of 4mg nictoine gum a day. In Canada they are free at your local pharmacy. I chewed gum for fives days and then got off the gum too. By that point my cravings were very mild and I was really only craving the gum. I had enough time away from the act of smoking that I wasn't clinging to the action anymore. I just had mild cravings for nicotine. Then it was up to me to stop my thoughts before they continued for too long. As I am sure you know by now, "continued thoughts lead to use."

I will never smoke another cigarette in my life and I am so grateful to God for freeing me!

I hope you learn from this and go for it yourself! Pray on it!

Peace +


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