It seems like this board is getting too close to abandonment

I know that this board has been a place where a lot of people have got support and answers for their issues, or issues with loved ones. I know it's also a place where people could share success stories and offer advice to those in need, but over the last month or two, it's about as popular as opening night at a Nicolas Cage movie. Any ideas what we can do to get this moving again? Do we need writing prompts? I can provide them. I just hate to think someone who needs help would stumble on this board, find it's too empty and move on.
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  • @JoshuaShea I don't know what you are talking about. Ghostrider is a cinematic triumph not seen since Citizen Kane! And who can forget The Wicker Man, other than "everyone"?

    In all seriousness, yes, it has been pretty quite around here. I still drop in 2-3 times daily to see if someone needs a little chat, but seeing the last post as a week ago indicates this is hardly a lively discussion board. Concur if someone new drops by and sees that, they might think this place is deader than 4 in the morning, or worse, Nick Cage's career.

    Maybe some writing prompts would help spur the conversation. I am sure that the regulars are doing well, and they aren't posting as much because they are just chugging along, but maybe chumming the waters a bit will get some lively and educational conversations popping.
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    Chumming the waters...I like that...anybody else have input?
  • hey guys. the site owners are opting to let the forum "go". (the moderators). i am caught up in other pursuits at the moment that take up much of my time. maybe they will have a change of heart and re-think it in the future and bring us back. that is my hope!! :)
  • @dominica you and @DeanD were certainly the heart and soul of the forum, but I think @JoshuaShea is looking for a way to spur the conversation without the moderators having to prod everyone. Might be impossible, but maybe with the right topic we can get some interactions going.
  • @JoshuaShea @Leaker @dominica I agree it has been a bit quiet. This forum helped me tremendously, and my thinking is that if it weren't for the site, I would never have changed, and therefore my son would never have changed. He has 10 1/2 months clean as of now, and that is really something considering he used opiates for years, and then became a heroin addict for years with no slowing down or stopping until I stumbled upon this site. I have been quiet on here for a little while, as I am in the middle of some major renovations in my home and recently lost my beloved dog. But I am hoping to get back into the site as soon as I get some things wrapped up. Hope everyone is doing well. Haven't heard from @Vicbrenan or @Drained1 in a while . I need to touch base with them too. And you were starting off very strong again @Vette60 . Where the .... are you? Hope you are still trying.
  • Hi @dominica . What do you mean by letting the forum "go"? Do you mean shut it down? Hope everything is going well with you.
  • I still check in from time to time to see if anyone's reaching out, but yeah, less, because my farm is getting busy, things are really taking off and to be honest, I don't have a whole lot of free time on my hands. Yesterday we decided to go to a spa, chill, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and all that jazz. it did a world of good, but as soon as I got home, straight into the paperwork, the deliveries, the worries about all the stuff to be caught up on... but that's just my nature Iguess.
  • This forum... @DeanD & @dominica were absolutely my saving grace during the worst days of my life. I hate to hear it's been so quiet. @tiredmom hope you and your son are doing good!!
  • I love and miss all you guys. Unfortunately, when the forum owners decided to end our positions as moderators, I had to find a job, and I've been incredibly busy. I wish I had more time to come and chat with you all, but by the end of the day I'm just worn out. It's also very hard to get used to going to an office and working full-time after 5.5 years of working out of my house every day. *sigh*

    Love and hugs to everyone. <3
  • Hi all, I miss chatting with you all, but I've been so busy with my school and life. It's too bad there's not much activity going on here now. This was the first I heard of it. Well, I am still clean & sober, I've gone back to college to finish my degree, and things are looking great, but I need to keep in mind, and I think everyone needs to keep this in mind, that recovery is an ongoing process. It deserves attention every single day. If this forum goes away, recovery will not go away, and I know that because I have hope. There is always someone, somewhere out there who will listen to you. And I have hope in you all.
  • @StrengthBringsHope Thanks for stopping by, and for adding your perspective. Also, it is great to hear that you are doing so well. This thread started out kinda bad, but it is turning into a really great and inspirational one with people stopping by and saying how much this forum helped them.

    You are correct, recovery won't go away, even if this forum does. I think the real problem is that this is a great option for folks just starting. A common sentiment is that people don't want to go to meetings, for whatever reason. They are too far, too busy, too shy, too unsure. This place provides a great first step and a landing pad, if you will, for someone who is sitting that at 3 AM thinking, "What am I doing with my life? I need help. NOW!" and plugs, "how to stop an addiction" or something into their search engine of choice.

    But, this won't be the first place to come and go. During my work required recovery, I was on the now defunct I stopped going in 2015, and when I came back in 2017, it was gone. However, there was But, it would be great if we can keep this forum active so we have a little continuity going and all us regulars don't need to scatter to the winds of the interwebs and hope to all land on a new home in cyberspace.
  • This forum really saved me. Thank you all!
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