I am not getting notifications!

Just wondering if anyone is getting notifications? I used to get a notification in my email if there was a comment on a post that I highlighted the star. Basically if I wanted to follow a post. I haven't got any notifications since 11/13, even though I did find comments by thorough searching. It's pretty hard to comment when you don't even know that someone posted. I'm wondering if that has been an issue for others?
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  • I switched off notifications a few years back because I have a pretty full inbox most of the time, but I still get the little red dot to let me know someone has mentioned my name in a comment? Dunno if that helps.
    hope you're well.
  • @zozzie Lol. I am clueless when it comes to any little red dot. Unfortunately, I have not switched anything on or off because I wouldn't even know how. Guess I am a technology idiot. Lol. Where is this little red dot? I am well, thanks. Hope you are well also.
  • @tiredmom on the mid to top left, when you're signed in, there's your profile, a little world, a letter, a star and the parameters button. Well, in the "world" box, a little red tag comes up with your notifications.
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