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Its been awhile since i have been on here. My daughter, 34, had her vehicle stolen. Now it is at impound. They want 800 in fees. The vehicle is only worth 100. My ex who lives in alaska wanted to pay to get the vehicle out if she will get into a drug rehab program. I have been advised not to do anything for her. She has to do it all her self. I am not sure if the vehicle is even registered to her. Horribly said to have a child you don't know where she is or what she's doing. Anyway, any thoughts, Tim
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  • Hi @t_bell40 It sure has been a while. I don't come here as often, but I happened to see your post. I have replied to you in the past and if I remember correctly it was about an issue you were having at Thanksgiving. I hope whatever decision you made, it was a good day for you. Regarding your daughters car. That is a tough one because in the past I had a hard time not solving all my sons problems. Of course when doing so it did no good. I became extremely tough on him because I just had it, and it did make a difference. He has been clean from heroin for a little over two years, with a couple of skip ups that thankfully only lasted a day. Being your daughters car is not worth much and I am guessing she is probably very irresponsible, it was stolen. I don't think you should get it out for her. She will just continue on and nothing will change. Sometimes it's too easy for them to get drugs when they have a car anyway. It would probably be better for her if you let her solve her own problem. And like you said the car isn't worth much. This might help push her in the direction to get some help. Hope it all works out.
  • She said it was stolen at gun point. I have no reason to not believe her. The lifestyle she lives will have evil people in it always looking to use and abuse people.
    I feel really bad for her. She my little baby girl and i love her. I know she is probably doing alright. We don't talk much. She texts me very little and i her. I just pray to god that he watch over her every day.
    The ex wife sending me something about getting her car out of impound churns up bad memories forsure. Didn't need that. I emailed her and said she should look into rehab up there in anchorage or wassilla or palmer. Its all about places and faces. I would pitch in on a one way ticket to alaska for her. But, i am sure the ex in not into that idea at all. Thanks Tired, Tim
  • Sending you both lots of love
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