How Anti-Social Disorder Can Lead to Substance Abuse

An Anti-Social Disorder is a disorder where someone suffering from it has little or no regard for others. They typically are aggressive, manipulative and don’t think rules apply to them. There is no one thing that doctors can point to that triggers this disorder; however, there are many that point to some sort of abuse during childhood.

Marquette University has done a study that 90% of all people suffering from Anti-Social Disorder abuse drugs or alcohol. Many people with mental illnesses, abuse drugs as a form of self-medication. Those with an Anti-Social Disorder typically believe they are able to do what they like with no repercussions. Many sufferers from mental illness spend a majority of time alone. Depression, paranoia and loneliness also drives some to self-medicate, more often than not. Age is considered to be a factor in developing a substance abuse along with an Anti-Social Disorder. A child diagnosed with an Anti-Social Disorder is more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs, and males are more apt than females to abuse substances.

There is no defined treatment for an Anti-Social Disorder. Because of this, sufferers tend to disregard being advised to start a treatment program. Most end up in treatment due to a court order, prison environment or due to substance addiction recovery. The Marquette University study also found that substance abusers were more apt to have Anti-Social Disorders making it particularly difficult to determine which came first. Determining how to treat these individuals remains a challenge.


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  • Do you know if this would fall under a Sociopath category? I have a friend whose husband sounds like he fits this category. I have been doing research on the subject because part of the problem with a Sociopath is that they do not feel guilt for what they do and so do not seek help. It is very hard to diagnose as well so the court systems cannot demand that they get help like they will over anger mangement issues. 
  • I think I have a minor case of anti-social disorder. Not a serious one to the point that I need to consult a therapist or a counselor. I just don't feel like talking and interacting with other people that much. Yes, I do agree with that point about anti-social people tend to think that rules don't apply to them. I must admit I hate rules and the common norms, but never really broken them like a rebel one, but just think they don't fit me.
  • Don't misunderstand the term Anti-Social Personality Disorder, it can be misleading. Anti-Social Personality Disorder, or ASPD, is the new and latest official diagnosis given to sociopaths and psychopaths, according to the diagnostic criteria manual used by psychiatrists (DSM-IV-TR). The terms psychopath and sociopath are now obsolete and are considered derogatory in nature. Essentially, a psychopath and a sociopath are now officially the same thing and are classed as Anti-Social Personality Disorder. If you have ASPD then you are a sociopath/psychopath, also now sometimes referred to as a narcopath, to include narcissism.
  • Anti-social people usually consider themselves misfits that have to take revenge from the society that turned their back to them.

    Medical terms are oftentimes hard to understand, but anti-social behavior is probably among the easiest to detect, or at least I have know several people diagnosed with this disorder that I had already identified to be like this.

  • I'm not anti-social. I know rules are meant for me, too. I just mind breaking them. Not because I'm a rebel or anything, but because if an outdoor zoo, without a lot of people, tell me no smoking for the 4 hours I'm in there, and no one is around to smell it, I believe that's a rule that's ok to break!
  • I never break one that will hurt anybody, in anyway, though. But the ones that will leave nobody better off or worse off, that don't really affect anyone else, I think is ok to break
  • I assume that people use drugs to help them deal with any guilt and confusion or despair that isolating may cause. That is what Marijuana helps me with. I would never do the dangerous drugs. I would never take anything that can be overdoes on. 
  • nowomannocry   I suspect my aunt suffers from this, man is she nasty!  She made my grandpa sell his house, making him believe he'd live with her, then kicked him out, mom took him in, then she convinced to leave again.  So he did believe her again, she dumped in a nursing home.  They hardly visit him, only my mom seems to care to bring him the stuff he needs. Not my sister (she grew up with him, is the closest she ever had to a dad), not my aunt only my mom.  That woman doesn't feel guilty for what she did, she even threaten me in the past.  Sociopaths are scary.
  • Thanks for sharing! this actually does make sense, when someone is using drugs they don't usually think about all the damage that they are making to the people around them, and some of them can get to the point where they need to steal to buy more drugs, which obviously shows lack of empathy, an undeniable characteristic of anti-social individuals.
  • @Seraphine
    Yep, you've got it. You seem to understand ASPD/sociopathy/psychopathy a little better than most people. That's exactly the kind of behaviour you need to look out for. However, that behaviour is not a result of drug use, a psychopath/sociopath would still act and behave like that even if they didn't use drugs.

    People with ASPD don't care about the damage they cause to those around them, regardless of whether it's stealing, violence, slander, etc whether they are a drug user or not. Many ASPD's (psychopaths/sociopaths) don't use drugs at all. Some of them are tee total! ASPD's are most commonly known and notorious for carrying out psychological manipulation and yet you won't even know it until it's too late. They are expert manipulators with a superhuman capacity for controlling others. They have no conscience, guilt, shame or remorse ever - it's missing.
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