Do You Really Need Behavioral Addiction Rehab for Cutting?

What is cutting? Cutting is the term used when someone, usually a teen, cuts themselves on a regular basis. Anyone can be a cutter; male, female young or old, although cutting is generally associated with teens. Why would someone do this? There are several reasons for cutting. The cutter may feel empty with no feelings. Cutting is the only way they can feel something. Cutters also cut because it is a pain they can control, not like the pain other people cause them. They have inner pain that is being expressed outwardly. They may also cut to punish themselves or manipulate others.

The one thing that becomes apparent is that the cutting is a behavior. Cutters don’t just do it once and stop, either. They will continue until they get help. This classifies as an addiction. They are compelled to cut; they can’t stop. Just like gamblers who can’t stop gambling or those with eating disorders. They are unable to alter the behavior alone.

There may be some cutters who can overcome this behavioral addiction with will power alone, but not many. Getting into a behavioral addiction rehab program is the best way to overcome this or any addiction. Cutters need time to concentrate on their emotions and identify the triggers that start the urge to cut. Being isolated from any outside influence will enable a cutter to have that time to themselves. They can focus on therapy and coping techniques. They need a comprehensive behavioral addiction rehab plan to successfully overcome this devastating addiction.


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  • I guess some people do, it depends on how far their self harm has gone. You can reference all the text books in the world, but honestly... it's up to the person.
  • Cutting it's a terrible addiction, because it does not only leave emotional marks, but physical wounds that will recall the addict what they did to themselves.

    This is not good, emotionally speakings.
  • This is really sad, especially because we're talking about teenagers and sadly I have met a few people who used to cut themselves and as you've said is just another form of addiction that should be treated depending on the personal situation of the individual.
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