What to Avoid During Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

The stigma of being an alcoholic is hard to deal with. Knowing you have to go into inpatient rehab is downright frightening. All sorts of images have been put into your head about the horrible things you have to go through while detoxing. Knowing a few important facts about these rehab facilities will often ease your mind and enable you to have less stress and concentrate on recovering.

First of all, do not drink alcohol. Under no circumstances is this alright, and that includes products with alcohol in them. Yes, even stay away from mouthwash. You are trying to kick this, and even the littlest amount of alcohol will be a setback.

In rehab, there are no locks on the doors. You are not a prisoner and can leave at any time. Of course this means any personal items can leave as well. It’s best to avoid bringing any valuables into the inpatient facility.

Stress is a cause of relapse in many people. Avoid stressful situations. If your boss keeps texting or calling you, turn the phone off. If certain family members make your blood pressure rise, don’t suggest they visit you. If watching the news makes you anxious and tense, turn the TV off. Having the TV off can also allow you to avoid the Budweiser commercials, which is a good thing. Take this time to unplug from the outside world.

Avoid keeping your feelings inside. When in a therapy session, you need to talk about your feelings and experiences in order to move past them and heal. Avoid thinking this part of the process is unnecessary to your recovery. This part is probably the most important.


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