I Can't Just Leave

I can't just leave the house in the morning, OR for that fact anytime without having to go back in and make sure I have shut all the burners of the stove off OR remembered my phone OR shut off the hair curler, OR whatever else pops in my head. I  have tried very hard to not turn my car around and go back, but more times then not I have gone back. The funny thing is I never find that I have done the things I worry about.

I know if I do not go back I will worry all day long about whatever it was that started the anxiety. I know it is OCD, but what I don't know is how it all happened. I also don't understand why I worry about some stuff any not other things. It is strange the stuff that pops in my head that I do get worked up over, yet other things are fine. Any thoughts on ways I can minimalise this? I already take meds, and short of being extremely ritualistic I don't know what else I can do to cope.

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  • Cognitive behavioral therapy works true wonders for OCD. This is used for many different disorders including agoraphobia and hoarding. OCD is too big to handle on your own.
  • I do the same thing! Getting out of the house is a major ordeal. Even if I know that I have turned off the curling iron, the stove, and all the other appliances, I still go back and double-check. Although this habit is a nuisance, I have always felt that it was just part of my personality that could not be fixed. It is good to know that it can be changed. I guess that I need to learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Do you trust yourself? By that, I mean do you have a past history of forgetting to turn the stove off or leaving the flat irons on? If not then you need to try and get to the bottom of your anxiety. Meds are really helpful but they only mask symptoms, they do not address the underlying problem. I hope you manage to work through this as nobody deserves to live with this level of anxiety. 
  • Yes I trust myself, and maybe only once I actually found I had left the curling iron on. I think the stove thing started years ago when I had this Dog named Fred, I left a bag of cookies and the stove and he jumped up I think to get at them and turned the burner on, It smelled like gas and because I was asleep I did not realize it for sometime.  i was grateful the house didn't blow up, now I am just hyper vigilant.

    I have tried Cognitive behavioral therapy and meds, both. The meds really do help, there was a point where I felt like maybe I didn't need them anymore and stopped taking them. I was okay for awhile but once I started to get overwhelmed by stress I knew I needed to go back on them. Stress sets off a lot of the strange things I do,  I worry about stuff, Not like a comet hitting the earth stuff, Just everyday things. For along time it was "what if the car breaks down" well thats happened and I have managed thru it so I no longer worry about it.
  • My bestfriend has that problem and she really needs about 30 minutes each time in order to do these routine checks before she is able to leave the house.  Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as it not debilitating.  If it's already seriously impairing your personal life to the point that you can't do anything else anymore, then I think it's time to actually seek for professional help.  If not, we can just consider it as being extra careful and that is sometimes perfectly alright.
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