Did anyone suffer Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a broad term for fear of open places, crowds, traveling alone, fear of passing out and embarrassment among everyone etc. This could be one of the manifestations of "Generalized anxiety disorder" and/or a genetic problem. Sometimes, panic attack could associate Agoraphobia. Once again, it's a result of altered brain chemistry and altered serotonin levels.

So, how do you sum up your experiences and what have been your remedial measures? All views and opinions are highly appreciated.
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  • I think I do suffer from agoraphobia, but it's not really a serious one. I'm a bit scared of travelling/commuting alone. I also don't like crowded places that much, that's why I always prefer isolating myself in one room.
  • Hi, dyan! Thanks for your reply! No, don't isolate yourself. Take some pro-active action, when it's still in the nascent stages. Nip it in the bud! Mingle freely with your friends and family and go places. This will desensitize you from the perils of Agoraphobia. No phobia should be allowed to linger for long. It took me a great deal of effort, to stamp it out completely. Take care! 
  • @bonzer i used to be afraid of getting out and about with people, but that is something i have overcome. agoraphobia is an extreme fear of getting out...

    for me, i was insecure, so i had to contend with those insecure feelings. it was a process and a journey of a few years before i really broke through...developed a huge self-love and that felt great!! :) now i don't mind people or getting out, though i still don't prefer large crowds..i'm a bit introverted.
  • Hi, Dominica! Thanks for your reply. Yes, it takes years before you finally discover salvation. "Developed a huge self-love". WOW! that's great to hear. I think everyone should love themselves. Without, self-belief nothing is possible. Not preferring large crowds could be a choice thing. Even introversion is fine as long as one doesn't get overly self-conscious. Cheers!
  • I suffer from it. I thought she was insane for diagnosing me with it. But when I did some research I could see what she was talking about. I only leave my house 4 or 5 times a month, and that's when I don't have a choice. I just hate being around people I don't know.
  • I too isolate.... Sometimes when I have to pick my daughter up from a friends or after school function I totally break out in a sweat! I run through the grocery store in hopes of getting out 2 minutes faster. I go to the movies alone and hide out in the dark. It's paralyzingly. That's why its that much lonelier when my husband is emotionally and physicaly unavailable. I used to drink to be social.
  • My cousin suffers very badly from Agoraphobia. Recently, she also had a mild stroke and I wonder if it was due to her panic attacks. She is getting older and the stress of a panic might cause her blood pressure to rise. She has lost partial movement in her face as a result. For this reason and others, while it is important to try and recover and deal with the problem, I do not think a person should force themselves into situations where they could have an attack. My cousin tries to use breathing techniques but the attacks come on all of a sudden. She says it does not necessarily have to be a large crowd for it to be triggered. 
  • @nowomannocry: A stroke is usually caused by elevated blood pressure. Though, anxiety and panic attacks can cause spikes in blood pressure, they drop down to normal levels after the adrenaline rush subsides. Old age is a risk factor for stroke and other associated ailments could be responsible for stroke as well. Your cousin first needs to see a physician and a psychiatrist later. Hope the stroke was attended to. The lost facial movement may be regained by physiotherapy. Ask your doctor.
  • I don't think I suffer a phobia of these things, but I do feel like sometimes I am uncomfortable with some of the things that are associated with Agoraphobia.
  • @Bonzer Thank you! I am going to contact her immediately and ask her that. Sometimes when someone suffers from something like that you don't know what kind of questions to ask and then end up being a lack of support all together. 
  • I think in the past I use to be agroraphobic, but as I have gotten older I actually prefer to go places on my own. I think with confidence and gradual desentaliization I was able to overcome my fear. Once, realizing that there is nothing to be afraid of, I was able to cover come my fear :)
  • I hate crossing busy roads alone, I try to avoid that as much as possible actually.  I hate it, my mom doesn't get it, and it makes me feel so inadequate.  She thinks I am just being a little girl about it, but I am not!  I am just geniunely scared of crossing busy roads alone, that and talking on the phone, buying food and other things. Just awful.
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