Do people still use barbiturates?

Here in England, barbs are very rarely prescribed - usually only to those with epilepsy who cannot tolerate anything else. They are a "last resort" drug. They are never prescribed for their sedative effects any more and are a controlled drug. As a result of this, cases of abuse are very rare. Are they still a popular drug in your country at all?
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  • I read that only about 12 types of barbiturates are still used medically. Compared to about 50 different types that were used medically back in height of their popularity.
  • Yeah, I agree with what karmaskeeper said, there are only a dozen that are being prescribed anymore. In my country, more specifically, there are only 8; but there are always more reliable alternatives to it, so...
  • I have never heard of anyone I've known having them or using them. Its a common word that everyone recognizes around here, but like pcp it just never shows its face.
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