Does anyone believe, that there is a spiritual dimension to addictions ?

Many times we hear, of the "demons" of addiction. I do wonder if there is a spiritual driving force, that would make someone, who has all the information on the negative aspect of addiction, still inspite of that information, experiment to the point of becoming an addict. Does this drive and desire for the substance go beyond the mental and intellectual capacity of the individual? In that case is that spiritually driven?
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  • Personally for me, no - I don't think there is a spiritual aspect or dimension to addictions. When people talk of the demons of addiction, I more think they're talking about demons in one's own mind - their personal struggles, their past, their history that may have led them to seeking out substances to forget about things, to provide excitement or to dull the pain of hardships. This is only my opinion though so feel free to take it with a grain of salt!
  • Well I guess if you are spiritual, you could see it as tapping into a bad energy driven and maintained by demons, if you believe in that stuff. Anything is possible I suppose and there are a million different ways to view a situation, and perhaps that's one. If a person does believe in that stuff then maybe even thinking about their addiction that way is a good way to help them stop.
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