Dancing as stress/anxiety management?

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with dancing as an aid to manage anxiety and stress. If so, which have been the most effective or fun for you? I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance but never really had the opportunity, aside from a creative movement workshop as a child which I loved. I already do yoga, but I think kinetic activity in general is one of the most therapeutic things for me, as it might be for others. So I’m always looking out for new suggestions.
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  • I've never tried it, but it sounds like a great idea.  I personally like doing kick boxing stuff, though I don't do anything "officially", I just have a punching bag that I punch and kick when I'm stressed and anxious.  I think you should go for it!  I hope it helps :-)  Have fun with it too!  :-)
  • Thank you for the encouragement! :D Kickboxing-type activities always appealed to me too. I guess I have too much pent-up energy, hahaha. Sometimes I wish I had a punching bag more than anything else, so it’s something I’ll definitely have to consider.
  • Dancing is a sort of exercise which I think would release certain things in your body that will totally help you and give you a natural up. I think you should do exercising like dancing, but also jumping rope is really good as it teaches discipline and for you to go through the challenge, hard exercises and aerobics are great!
  • Yeah, dancing is really a good stress-reliever. Another form of dancing that is quite popular here in my country is zumba. Everyone's indulging into this newest craze, and I have observed that they don't just get fitter, but they also look much happier. :)
  • @kylerlittle indeed, exercise in general releases those endorphins that are so helpful in boosting moods. A jump rope is actually on my list of things to buy; I hear it’s great for a super efficient workout.

    @dyanmarie25 I’ve been wanting to try Zumba, it looks like so much fun. There used to be classes really close to where I live, which would be awesome if they were still active, but I’m pretty sure there are still some within reasonable distances.
  • @LittleCowprint Glad to hear that you're considering zumba now. And yeah, it really is so much fun. Trust me. :)
  • @LittleCowprint it's a great workout, I have been jumping for years and I don't mean literal lol I mean it's a regular exercise for me 5 days a week and it's really helpful because you release all of the stress out.
  • Dancing.  I sometimes dance around my room when I cam feeling a bit under the weather, also when I am happy, but most of the times I notice that after my short dancing session I feel so much better.  It's like my mood starts picking up after that.  It must be the endorphin released during the activity :) 
  • I think just dancing in general even if the moves aren't technically "right" can be very therapeutic as long as you are having fun with it. Some sort of structure might also provide some additional benefits as there is a lot more focus necessary as well as discipline and that might help in keeping your mind focused. I have done both and I find them both equally rewarding.
  • Dancing helps. I feel really good when I'm home alone and one of my favorite tunes come on. I just go wild and feel calm and nice. You should try it. Professional classes too if you want.
  • I have posted before on the awesome power of exercise and how it's all about finding what works for you, what keeps you interested and what you find to be fun.
    I have watched those dance shows with my girl, dancers are ATHLETES!
    It's simply amazing what these people can do.
    So if you think dancing is something you would be interested in I say try it out!
    Find yourself a style that you are interested in that has some classes in your area. Sign up and get out there! Also I bet the social aspect of it would be helpful too.
  • I love to dance and find it helps lift my mood.
    As previously mentioned, dancing releases endorphin's, which is the bodies natural feel-good drug.
    This may sound silly, but i will even dance alone in my room.
    If you are feeling self-conscious about dancing, then dancing own your own at home can help to build up your confidence.
    There are also great videos online to help tutor you.
    Definately a plus for mood lifting.
  • I'm a horrible dancer, so I don't really like to dance. If you enjoy dancing, it could be a great anxiety reliever. Any activity that takes your mind off something can be an awesome anxiety reliever.
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