Proper Uses for Barbiturates

While barbiturates are commonly used by addicts, they are not intended for such use or abuse. Each prescription medication had an important use when it was created, and barbiturates are no different. They are used to treat many different disorders, but the relaxed effect that these drugs offer addicts often help them sleep or unwind, especially after the use of uppers.

Barbiturates are typically prescribed to treat disorders such as panic attacks and anxiety, seizures, and extended insomnia. These are not typically an option for someone who only has one or two nights of trouble sleeping, but it is meant for those who have struggled for weeks, months, or years, to get a good night’s sleep.

Barbiturates help calm the nervous system within the human body, which is why it is so effective with these particular disorders. They lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and help the body fall into a restful state, allowing sleep to become possible. The problem with barbiturate use is that the dose taken needs to be monitored very carefully by a medical professional. It needs to be calibrated to the person’s exact height and weight in order to be safe, since even just a minor miscalculation could cause a person to take a slight percentage too much, and could result in the person facing a coma, or even death.

Barbiturates do have a proper place in terms of prescription medications, so long as they are used according to directions and in the right doses. Barbiturates, however, should be avoided at all costs by someone looking to abuse them. They are dangerous, and could cause negative side effects that may not be reversible.


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  • I have heard of barbiturates so many times, but never knew what they were. And now I know to avoid them when getting treated for insomnia. It hasn't come up yet, but I will definitely have to mention the situation to my doctor. Thank you!
  • This group of drugs should only ever be used as a last resort. Barbiturates are used in executions and assisted suicides so need to be treated with the utmost care. 
  • Oh wow, I did not know that these drugs are used for assisted suicides, but it does make sense. They skow the body way down and calm people down. My husband was preacribed anxiey medicine but refuses to take it because he does not like the way it makes him feel.
  • Interesting. I got in a bad car wreck a while ago and barbituates were found in their blood when they got tested after the crash.
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