Are you spiritual?

Are you spiritual? Has it helped you in your recovery? How so?

I consider myself pretty spiritual, but it has never helped me in battling additions, behaviors, or thoughts I want to change. I hear stories about people doing things only through the strength of God, but I'm not sure I've experienced that particularly. 

Do you find your spirituality has helped with your recovery? 
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  • I am not religious. I don't follow the traditions and norms of the Catholic church, but I am highly spiritual. I believe in God and have a good relationship with Him. And yeah, my faith in God has made me very optimistic and has kept me sane and sober.

    Well, in your case, I think you should just continue to pray to Him, believe in Him, commit to Him. God responds to faith, not just needs and wants. And trust me, eventually, the Holy Spirit would speak to you.

  • I am religious and it has definitely been a huge help.  It has helped me to not give up fighting and has given me a lot of comfort in hard times.  In addition, my church has also put together a 12-step program adapted from AA that is geared specifically to our beliefs and everything and we have also have support group meetings and everything.  It has been very helpful in helping me battle some of the addictions I've struggled with. 

    Keep doing what you feel is right.  Pray to Him and believe, don't give up.  God will hear you and will help you and answer your prayers, even if it doesn't seem like it right away, he answers them in his own time and in his plan for you.  
  • I don't follow any organized religion but I am very spiritual. I guess you could call it a New Age thing, although I don't really see it like that. I have experienced the strength of the "God-consciousness" and have used it to make profound changes in my life in several ways. I have learned how to tap into it whenever I want. It's very real and it works when done properly.
  • @diane  i do consider myself spiritual...after all i feel i am a spirit residing in this fleshly body for a time period on earth. i do not follow a religion...but i like the buddhist philosophy a lot. yes, it helps me in my recovery because i value spiritual growth a lot, and i know that if i pick up a drink or reach for any addiction to numb or run from pain, that stunts my spiritual growth and my ability to experience love, peace, and joy. i want to experience those feelings!!

    therefore, i do pray and ask for help...from god, source, universe, angels, etc. all from the same energy in my eyes...and my faith helps me.

    everyone is on their own journey and i feel each person must carve their own path spiritually or religiously..whatever works for them!
  • I'm not religious, meaning that I don't follow the Church and none of its traditions, but I do firmly believe in God and I have no doubt He exists. It's just that religion nowadays isn't what it's supposed to be. Anyway...
    Yes, I am spiritual, and it has helped me on a few occassions.
  • I am not spiritual at all.  I contribute my sobriety to me recognizing my triggers and not letting depending on anyone to help me through it. 
  • I think that I'm spiritual, even if I haven't studied any theories about it (yet), I think that we all have a soul and basically we all are pure energy. I also don't really believe in a God itself but I see them as an even bigger energy, as if we were somehow like a complement... And I think this doesn't really impact the way I live but it kinds of makes me feel part of something bigger than just organic matter, and I think that's already something.
  • Its nice that you asked "are you spiritual?" rather than "are you religious?".
    I am not religious but i would say im spiritual.
    I dont follow any set faith but i would say i lean most towards Buddhism.
    I try to live my life in a way that is kind and considerate and i aim to do good where i can.
    I have a deep love of nature and feel connected to the earth.
    Im not sure if there is a higher power of some kind, but if there is i dont think they would be overly disappointed in me.
  • I'm relatively spiritual but I haven't used this to my advantage in my recovery process, I just didn't feel like it would've been useful. I don't believe in religions and I perceive God as an energy inside us.
  • I am not religious, but I am very spiritual. I think my spirituality helps me every single day of my life. And because of that, it helps keep me from drinking or smoking, too.
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