Natural Alternatives to Sleeping Pills When Addiction is a Risk

When addiction poses a risk, such as for a recovered addict, alternatives to prescription medications are often sought out. If you have been struggling with sleep, but do not want, or cannot take, a prescription, natural alternatives may be just what the doctor 'didn't' order for you. Here are a few options that could help you sleep better at night.

Drinking some tart cherry juice right before lying down can help. It should be 0.5-1 cup, and the tarter, the better. Tart cherry juice has the same stuff in it that turkey does, tryptophan, which is why you get tired after Thanksgiving. Having some before bed may help you doze right off and get a good night's sleep.

Establish a bedtime ritual that you follow each night. Parents often do this with their children because it helps them safely and securely doze off each night, but rarely do it for themselves when they need assistance with falling asleep. Make your ritual calming and make sure you follow the same pattern each night. This will help teach your body the signs of being tired, and let it naturally unwind.

Boost the magnesium in your diet. If you want to get a good night sleep, then make sure you are taking your daily magnesium supplement. This mineral signals the nervous system to relax and unwind at the end of the day. If you lack enough of it, as most humans do, your body will keep trying to stay awake.


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  • Thanks for this article.  While these natural alternatives may not work for everyone, it certainly is a good option to try, especially for addicts with limited options.  I especially like the idea of keeping to a ritual.  It seems this really would help regulate our body clocks.   Also, I never knew that a lack of magnesium in our diet effected our abilty to relax and get a good nights sleep.
  • I have heard of herbal remedies as natural alternatives to sleeping pills, but when I found many of these remedies are sold in nutrition stores with prohibitive prices, I was not sure where to look at.

    Now I can see there are also natural ways to get these natural alternatives.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us :)
  • ASMR are also a good option if you have an open mind and are willing to try anything to help you sleep. I must confess that at first I was a bit skeptical, but after actually finding and listening to the right ASMR videos I can say they can make a difference. 
  • Thanks for your article man. After reading I came to know that I was not aware of that magnesium. I have never heard of it that low consumption of magnesium is also a serious problem of not getting sleep. I am going to try it from today.
    Well! I am not taking any pills instead of that I do meditation and yoga and many exercises to make my mind healthy and this helps me a lot to make me sleep and keep me active for the day. You can try it too. It's natural things and you will be benefited by it.
    Good Luck.      
  • I was also having same problem earlier and I used to take sleeping pills and later I felt that if I continue to take the drug then it would be impossible for me to sleep without any drugs and I discovered that doing meditation daily and yoga helps me to keep my mind fresh and I feel very much relaxed and it helps me to keep me lighter for the day. At night I take a warm bath and I have reduced my caffeine consumption, it all together helped me a lot to sleep well. You can try it too, and I think that these all natural remedies will help anyone.
  • In the beginning, I found it very hard to sleep... I drank to sleep, gave up alcohol and got hooked on sleepers, and then ended up drinking with them. I tried everything, lavender, herbal teas and infusions, magnesium and many other supplements, music therapies, reading, I didn't have the zen or calm for meditation. 
    Posts like this one would anger me back then, everyone swearing by their camomile, or their lavender bag, or their damn meditaion, when all that stuff would make me even more irritable, because none of it worked. I got angry. Any time sleep came up in conversation, I would get really pissed off with people, telling me "you should" try this and that, knowing that I had tried everything people suggested, yet nothing worked. 
    It turned out it wasn't "sleep aid" I needed, it was general calmness. After hypnosis (for alcohol addiction), I realised I was calmer, I put a routine in place, shower, herbal tea, cuddles with the cats, and sleep came. "Sleep hygiene" was more important than all the supplements and potions and lotions. I won't tell someone to drink a herbal tea and it'll solve their problems, or to take some chill time before bed, because I know that if the person is irritated, "trying to relax" is just not going to happen, but now I know that is it a combination of many things and the main thing is a readiness to relax. That comes from within, and there is no amount of sleeping pills, alcohol, even herbal rememdies will fix that.
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