The Three Most Important Things to Look For with Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

When it comes to finding the perfect inpatient alcohol treatment facility, there are three main things you need to look at. Each should help you pick the facility that is best going to be able to help your specific needs, and steer you away from facilities that are going to be too generalized to be of any use. Here are those points that you should be keeping in mind.

First, you need to look the facility up and see how effective the treatments they use are to people who have been through their program. It is important that you look up the reputation of the facility before you call, as you will find out more from people who went through it than you will by reading their website.

Second, you need to find out what programs they offer for after you leave. You will most likely still need help when you leave the facility when tough moments arise, so you need to know what options you have for help during those moments to keep you on the clean path. The more aftercare programs that they offer, the more flexibility you will have should that need arise for you.

Finally, you need to know the accreditation of the facility you want to go to. Say you have the inpatient alcohol treatment facilities narrowed down to two or three places, then this should be the deciding factor. You want to go with the one that has the best licensing and support from the state it resides in.


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  • Those are good tips for an alcohol addict to look for. Online reviews by former inmates and their relatives should be a good guiding tool as well. Visiting the facility and personally taking stock of all the facilities would also help take a call in joining the facility.
  • Precisely! these three are very much vital in choosing an In-patient Alcohol treatment facility. If I may add,it is also better that a rehabilitation center offer financing options because paying for treatment can be too overwhelming. Of course, many insurance plans cover some of the cost but in case it does not cover enough to afford the rest of the bill, it is best to do so.
  • You need to know what insurances they're in network with, some inpatient programs won't accept out of network insurance providers. You need to determine yourself if you have co-occurring disorders like alcohol/depression because not every drug treatment program offers dual diagnosis. Choosing a program local to you is often the first impulse but some treatment programs will pay for your flight in order to get you into their program. 
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