How much does the average barbiturate cost?

With the different prices for prescription drugs which the price is outrageous. I never used barbiturates so I do not know too much about the side effects. I do not know how much the average barbiturate cost. Barbiturates are supposed to act as central nervous system depressants. They also can act as a hypnotic agent. Apparently, you can get addicted to barbiturates but its risky since you can die from overdose a lot more than if you had benzodiazepines. It was just shocking hearing from my dad how much the prenazone cost for one capsule $1000. I just wonder how much an average barbiturate medication would cost?     
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  • Barbiturates are very dangerous drugs indeed and their use has been indicated in many celebrity deaths, including Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix. They are also used in assisted suicides. Because they are rarely prescribed today, they are difficult to obtain and require strict control procedures. This adds to the cost. However, I suspect that because their popularity has reduced, manufacturers are not selling as many. Therefore, I wonder if they are pushing prices up to compensate for the lack of demand?
  • Okay that would make a lot of sense for some of these overdoses. I could now see how certain people would just throw the pills down his or her throats. If that is how Marilyn Monroe was killed then I really do not need to have any barbiturates. They would be so costly since they affect the central nervous system. 
  • No you certainly don't! May I ask though, do you feel as though you need some sort of sedative? Are you having problems with anxiety or insomnia? 
  • No! I am not having any anxiety attacks nor insomnia. I usually cannot stay up too late without feeling like I am about to go to sleep. I had stayed up late without sleeping at one time. It was odd that it happened that way, but I have not had constant insomnia. As far as the anxiety I just do not express how I feel when I am stressed about something.
  • The cost is relative to insurance. If you don't have any (with no-copay) then they're going to be ridiculously expensive. If you have insurance the co-pay shouldn't range for any more then 1-100 dollars for a FULL prescription, not just one pill. 

    It's up to you.
  • Yeah I try to avoid getting sick now days. It is not worth losing a lot of money over. Some people do not have a choice when their condition pushes them to go. I just cannot get over the fact that something like predizone is expensive like $1000 for one capsule.  
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