Some Unusual Behavioral Addictions That Can Require Rehab

Not all behavioral addictions require rehab. Some of them can be stopped through lifestyle changes, while others are only situational. Once those situations end, often times, so does the addiction. However, there are some behavioral addictions that require a person to attend rehab in order to be able to go back to normal functioning. Here are a few of those addictions.

An addiction to exercise can require a need for addiction rehab. Typically, exercise is good. When it is done excessively, or as a way to control a situation, then it can become dangerous. It can become all-consuming, and require rehab to change the behaviors behind the addiction.

Another unusual behavior that can require rehab to stop, is addictive tanning. There are hormones released during the tanning process that people can become addicted to. If they do not get professional help to curb this behavior, this addiction could turn into an addiction of another kind by the addict seeking out another method to get the same boosts.

Chronic body modifications can trigger another type of addiction. People can become addicted to the attention they get from getting new tattoos, piercings, or even surgeries. This can cause the addicts to seek out new ways of changing their body in order to get the same attention, and the feel-good hormones that accompany them.

Other behaviors, such as eating disorders, internet addictions, pulling one's own hair out, scratching your skin, or even eating items that are not really food, are all addictions that can benefit from behavioral therapy.


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  • Addictive tanning? I thought that was only the sign of a shallow and insecure personality and that the only risk was orange skin and skin cancer chances!

    But I guess anything where you sort of harm yourself is bad and should be checked.
  • I really think food addiction should also require some rehab, specially if the person is very overweight.  I mean, some people can literally eat their way to their own grave, digging their own grave with a spoon.  I actually wish there were rehab programs for people like that, sometimes a little help is needed.

    I talk from experience, I'm dealing with a food addiction problem right now... I hate it how this week I failed miserably... I ended up eating things i shouldn't, just because I was feeling so anxious.

      I hate how my emotions manipulate me into doing this kind of things... yesterday while eating a donut I was thinknig about the pleasure I was getting from it... not only because of the flavour, but the mere act of eating it... I read you release endorphins when you eat comfort foods and donuts are definitely one of my comfort foods... the donut wasn't even good, but for some reason I found the mere action of eating it so calming and plain wonderful, lol.  I need help!!!
  • I knew about the tanning addiction because of all the press its gotten the last couple of years... Bad press, as a matter of fact. The exercise one really shocked me. I honestly had no idea that could happen. Thank you for the info!
  • I didn't knew it's even a thing, addiction to if we need another reason not to go to the gym. 
  • Thanks for posting, this is a really interesting information! But I don't really agree with the body modifications one, not all the people who are addicted to it are trying to seek attention from other people, some of them can be addicted to the pain that they feel while they're doing it.
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