Why do people get addicted to sleeping pills?

Hello guys, today I am raising the problem of sleeping pills addiction. For instance, a person goes to the doctor, tells him he has a sleeping problem, he gets some sleeping pills, he over use them and then he can't get off them, he can't even think of sleeping without them. If all sleeping pills makes is make you an addict, why doctors prescribe them at all? It's clear that if someone have trouble sleeping and you give them a way to sleep he or she will over use it, no one likes insomnia. After all, isn't insomnia an effect of some disease? Why don't doctors treat the cause instead of the symptom? I don't think I've heard of anyone who've been a period on sleeping pills and then got off easily like they never had problem sleeping.
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  • I use to use a lot of antihistamines to fall asleep because of my eradic work schedule.  You can pretty much get those off the counter.  But I have to agree with you on the fact that doctors never heal or address the root of the problem.  It is the way the pharmaceutical companies keep you coming back for more.  Think about it.  If they cured everything, then they would lose money.  They make money from never healing you.  They just numb you and get you up and running, then get you again for more pills.
  • Yeah, I agree with you, they make money out of you being continuously sick. If they cured anything and everything there wouldn't be people to pay for their services. In Greece I think, doctors are being paid more if they have not many sick patients, if they have many they are being cut off from their salary. I believe that if the pharmaceutical companies would give to people what they really need to make them healthy then they could focus on developing a next generation drug, like something that enhances memory or even speeds up recovery at a patient to the point where a cut is being heal into one second.
  • Some people truly have problems with sleeping, and they need it to replenish their powers of course. They fall into an endless circle of doubts and questionings, seek help, find out about sleeping pills and take them. Even if they don't have any effect on them, they still take them due to the "placebo" effect.
  • Doctors simply don't care or don't know (don't care to know either), hence they sometimes prescribe things that do more harm than good. Point is that nobody is to be trusted, that is why you must google your new meds before taking them.  I always do that nowadays. 
  • I totally agree; I think sleeping pills are not the solution to insomnia. I think there must be natural effective ways to help a person sleep such as exercise before bed, drink some herbal or warm tea, meditate or have sex. 
    This way, people are not enslaved to sleeping pills.
  • This was never a problem for my dad. He was prescribed some sleeping pills for his insomnia. He never got addicted to them because he never touched them at all. But every night he drank himself into oblivion.  
  • Usually, sleeping pills are prescribed to patients with severe insomnia. The physician have to give the appropriate dosage and instructions with it as well. But sometimes, patients resort to using it over the amount prescribed. Like when they cannot fall asleep easily, they drink the pills or when they experience stress problems. And that's when the addiction starts.

    I do hope that doctors utilise the alternatives first before prescribing sleeping pills. Unfortunately, some doctors are quick to give prescriptions for patients even if their case is not severe.
  • It's really a worst addiction.I know that people take this because they are afraid of their sleeping and their mind always used to think that why they can't sleep?.But it's the problem of most of the people around the world and they should think over it that they are not alone in the whole universe.Their problem is that they always used to think even if they go to bed, then from where they will able to go to sleep, at least, they should give time to themselves.And this is the main reason to get addicted to sleeping pills, they take this situation as they are alone facing this problem.And I think if they once started then it would be  impossible for them to get away from this addiction as they get dependent on sleeping pills.I prefer not to take this and if possible get a treatment from doctor and never take sleeping pills as it is very harmful for you.
  • I think that we get addicted to it just because we are not aware of the situation that this is the problem of the masses and we are not alone facing this problem. In, the teenage due to the hormonal imbalance and due to the adolescence period our hormones gets excited and we face problems to sleep but we should think on it and then react. Insomnia is pretty common at this stage so, we should not get worried and be so tensed about our sleep. But, we should improve our habits and make them good.In my opinion, I will advise not to take any drugs for sleeping as we will be then dependent on them for our sleep and it will then be impossible for us to take deep sleep without any drugs.  
  • Insomia is completely different for all of the people who are suffering it, there's no a magic trick to make it go away, even psychological treatment don't work on insomnia sometimes. And how do you usually fix a disease? With medicine. What are sleeping pills? Medicine. They do some chemical things on our brain (I think that it has to do with dopamine, and this neurotransmitter is the main one when it comes to addictions) and if you really think about it almost all the medicines are addictive, it's just that sleeping pills are used on a most regular basis than common medicine, I guess.
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