Needed advice about someone in Rehab

Hi. I'm new here. I think I'm addicted to Benzos but that's another story and I'm thinking about going into rehab. I know I have a problem and need help and yes I know addiction is serious and rehab is also. I'm scared to go but know I will eventually go. I know it will be difficult but I think I will be able to go and do it. I know i need it. I know there are rules and stuff at those places also.

The reason I'm here is that while I was searching for info on a place to go in Canada, I found a blog. The guy from the blog is currently in drug rehab at a place in Northern Ontario. It's one of the places I was looking at. It really is a big company that does a lot of rehab. He has been there more than a month. He gives a fake name on his blog. I found it by accident.

My issue is this. He is in rehab. He basically says how he snuck a phone into rehab. And he blogs about his stuff there. He writes about him going there and what he thinks and lots of info about the place. He doesn't say anything about other patients there and I'm not going to repeat all the other stuff that he says on here in case ppl from there read this.

IDK if i should let that place know (anonimously) that he is doing that. I mean I don't want to be a tattle-tail but I am thinking I should. 
I need advice... plz.
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  • @northstargirlca  first of all, welcome to this forum. it is good to hear that you want to get free from your addiction and rehab is a wonderful place to get a firm foundation. 

    i honestly am not sure about what i would do in your situation.  i guess for me it would depend on what he was writing and whether the information was slandering anyone or the company. i have no problem shining light in the dark places and letting people know in a mature, polite way when they are doing something wrong or hurtful.  i think for me, it is important that people walk in integrity.

    i'm interested to hear what others have to say.  it is a personal decision, of course, so no matter what you decide, accept it and let it go. you don't have to carry that.........not yours to carry...

    hope this helps!
  • Welcome to the forum, @northstargirlca. With regards to what to do about the guy blogging about what's going on in the rehab...

    I agree with @dominica that it depends on what he's saying. If he's saying things about specific patients or staff, or saying bad things about the facility in general, I think I would definitely report it. Part of me thinks I'd want to report it anyway, since this guy is clearly violating the facility's rules. But, like dominca said, this is not really your burden to carry. That said, you may want to reconsider choosing this facility for your rehab. It seems like they may not be enforcing rules as well as they could be. Just my $0.02. 

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best on your road to recovery!

  • he's just saying things about his treatment, why he is there and stuff about family. he said stuff about the place also though. The treatment and the staff. He does not like it at all but said he is BS'ing his way through it. 

    Part of me wants to just call or email them and tell them. Maybe I will just do that and say that someone there has a phone. Either way i won't give it much more of my attention. I have enough things to deal with. 
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