Stopping a soda addiction?

I drink about 5-8 sodas a day, when i don't have them i get awful headaches and just feel really weak, so i'm going to try to stop (even though i loveee them) :( Problem is, i hate water! It makes me sick to my stomach, i've never had the taste for it, i just think it tastes awful. same for the flavored water, it has a funky aftertaste. any ideas on something healthier i can drink that isnt water but will help me stop drinking soda?
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  • I occasionally have flavored mineral water like La Croix which is zero calories too - I know it's still not the healthiest thing out there, but it does still satisfy my feeling for that "bubbly" soda taste without the junk! I don't know if you hate flavored 'fizzy' water or just flavored flat water like Vitamin Water and stuff...but that would be my tip. Even just trying to cut down from the amount you drink now though would be a start - as they say Rome wasn't built in a day! Wean yourself off the normal soda bit by bit and then other beverages might seem easier!
  • The reason your probably getting headachs is becuase of the caffiene in the soda. slowly go down to only three cups of soda a day.

    Also, there really isnt anything much healthier than water...unless you want to go out and buy a juicer and juice fruits to make your own juice.

    Try adding a fresh lemmon to your water. I'm a person who loves water, I hate any juice or soda or milk....... but even for me, water does get quite boring.

    Anyything though is really healthier than soda. 100% fruit juices arent that bad, they still have a lot of sugar and calories...but at least they have nutritional value.

    Or maybe you can get some recipies for slushie/smoothie type drinks..... throw some ice in a blender, some different juices...that way you're getting SOME water by drinking the ice (becuase water is really important).

  • I used to hate water too and drank WAY too much soda. I just powered through it. Try different bottled waters and find the one that you hate the least and force yourself. It took me about 2 weeks to get over the soda thing and now I can't stand not having a bottle of water around. I prefer Aquafina myself and drink about 5 20 oz bottles a day. I love it now.

  • @roseblanchgte   i would def cut down on the soda and try to only drink non-caffeinated soda when you do...

    try coconut water....carrot juice...maybe decaf iced green tea (make it yourself with just a little bit of sugar)  lemonade (homemade again is better)

    your body will have to sort of detox the caffeine and sugar you've been having...coconut water is good for you. maybe try almond milk or coconut milk too. there are great drinks in health food stores...or health food sections in grocery stores...

    try kumbacha   it's different, but good for you!
  • I finally, finally, quit an addiction to diet gingerale just recently - instead I replaced it with hot tea. I began reading about different herbs and plants that Chinese medicine uses for different things, and found a tea that addresses the stuff I want to address. So now when I drink it, I think I am doing something to help myself too (other than just quenching thirst), so I more easily choose the tea as a drink over other things. Now when I have a taste of gingerale it tastes awful and chemical like - so I know I've finally broken my addiction from it! 
  • It's the sugar and caffiine in the soda that's making you feel so terrible. 
    @tarverten is right, try to cut down to less and less pop each day.
    Tea might also be a good option for you (well not pre-made iced tea which is essentially the same as soda.)
  • I'd imagine that being addicted to soda is more common than people think. For a lot its only normal to drink that amount every day, you only actually realise you might have a problem is if it starts to have an affect on your health.

    While it's not usually good advice to replace one addiction for another, in this case maybe try replacing some drinks with water or something that's less unhealthy?
  • Soda and sugar are horribly addictive things, even though that aspect of them isn't talked about much in traditional medicine. I've actually had to fight yeast growth in my stomach and intestines from drinking too much soda and eating sweets. Those yeast cells then make you crave more things with sugar, because that is what helps them live.
    I think an addiction to sugars and soda is worse than a problem with weed. Play around with different brands of bottled water. I've found each has its own taste. Ice mountain is my favorite brand. I think Evian has a weird milky taste. Eventually you will find one that your taste buds prefer.
  • I can relate to you! I mostly drinked iced tea instead of water, and is not healthy at all, iced tea and sodas in general have a lot of sugar, so I had to learn to like water, it was difficult because I'm not a big fan of it but then I started making fruit/mint fusions wirh it and trust me, it doesn't tastes like water, it's so good and healthy too, you should try it!
  • @Diane it's incredible once you wean yourself off sodas just how sugary-syrupy sweet they taste, it's almost painful to drink them at that point! I know that for myself personally I've had times where I've had a sip of soda and it's made me feel queasy because it's been that sugary!
  • I am glad that someone wrote this post because people can be addicted to all different types of things. I just realized that I was addicted to food. No matter how much I try to lose weight or stop eating it is really hard for me. So I do not judge anyone who has any type of addiction because I understand how hard it can be. I am glad for this forum this way I do not feel so alone as I go through this journey.
  • I've had this problem once as I also at some point in my life drank way too much soda daily and how I got off it was to move onto just fruit juices for a while and eventually move onto water from there. It might not be a method that can work for everyone but it did for me and now I drink water almost exclusively all the time and I'm glad I did because my family is prone to diabetes.
  • I also used to be a huge soda drinker before. Whenever I would have a meal, I needed a soda to go along with it. It was already a habit to me. But when I became sort of a health conscious, I decided to quit soda for good and now, I am only drinking water. I think you will get used to it too sooner or later. 
  • I agree with others on here, are you sure it's not a caffeine addiction perhaps? Although it's certainly possible you could be addicted to some other aspects of the soda, such as the carbonation or acidity, but if you are feeling week and getting headaches that sounds more like something caffeine would cause, imo. 

    I weened myself off of diet sodas, and sodas in general about 3 years ago, switching to home brewed iced tea instead. It was hard at first, especially when eating food, as I was used to that clean crisp taste from the carbonation and the tartness from the soda - so relative to that, iced tea was rather bland. But once I got used to the tea, it's the other way around, sodas often taste too strong to me now, and leave a strong aftertaste in my mouth which causes me to feel thirsty again right away.
  • Yeah, I love carbonated beverages and need to find an alternative to soda. LaCroix seems like a good option. I am addicted to soda, and it is really starting to annoying me.
    Drinking tons of water is always good. I love adding lemon to mine, but when you move as often I do it is very difficult to keep routines. 
     I totally understand why the poorest people in society tend to be the most overweight.
  • If you are poor and overweight then there's absolutely no excuse to quit soda. You'll have more money to spare and it'll help you lose weight, provided you don't swap it for something equally calorific. 
  • The best thing to do is to replace it with something better. I got away from my soda addiction by buying a blender and just making smoothies all day. Not only do they taste better but they also are much healthier for your body. It's the best ways of dealing with this addiction.
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