Great Bibles for Christians in Recovery

My fellow Christians, what Bibles and/or study helps do you use to help you within the recovery process?

The Life Recovery Bible has been my best friend for the past three years as I try to put my addictions behind me. Since I started reading it, I have found a great church home, found a wonderfully supportive romantic relationship, and been more at peace than I ever have been previously in my whole life. My copy is the New Living Translation, and if I go a day without reading it, I feel like my entire day is off-kilter. 

I would love to hear about what your reading and how it helps you draw nearer to God as you work to recover from your addiction(s). 

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  • I just have a regular Bible but I do like Daily Devotional books - I find they give me a reason to reflect every day and it keeps me accountable to have my spiritual time each and every day. The one I'm using right now is called "The Confident Woman's Devotional" by Joyce Meyer. I like it because I have a tendency to lack confidence in many areas so it helps re-focus me and gives me new perspective on things.
  • I have a regular Bible that I have gotten when I was in elementary at a catholic school. But thank you for sharing your favorite and best one, I would try to get a copy of that soon. :)
  • I do meditations at least twice a day, and my Bible has three great study tracks that can last a few weeks or a few months.  I've been alternating the tracks since I got my first copy of that Bible (I'm on my second copy now; my first copy was used and pretty well-loved when I got it), and the studies never get old or dull.

    For my evening meditations, I read passages from various Christian books, usually devotionals.  I'm currently reading a book called "Devotions for a Sensational Life," and it has been a great supplement to my Bible readings! 
  • I'm not a very religious person, but as far as I know there are several bibles but all of them are the same in essence, for what I think you would better be looking for different ways to approach bible study applied to addiction recovery process.

    If this is the case, you might find useful the following information from the Malony University:
    Ways to Read the Bible
    Maybe you've never picked up the Bible before. Or, you're finding it's been a while since you last read it. Or, maybe you just want a different way to continue reading Scripture.
    If any of these apply to you, check out the following. There are lots of Bible reading plans out there, and included below are five that might suit your reading pace. And, if the Office of Spiritual Formation can provide other tools for you on how to read the Bible and find out what's actually in there, please call us at x8442 (330-471-8442) or stop by our offices in the Randall Campus Center (the Barn)
    The Bible reading resources and reading planners are here,
  • I love all of the different resources and translations of the Bible that are available.  When I read, I always learn something new, and I almost always feel inspired to be better than I was the day before.  While I haven't had any burning bush or road to Damascus encounters with God, I do think that God uses people, places, and things that I encounter on a daily basis to inspire, encourage, and motivate me.  I believe that those Bibles, books, devotions, and reading plans have enabled me to listen for God in the little things more than I used to.
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