Do You Really Know Barbiturates?

If you were to get asked questions about barbiturates, would you really know the answers? Most people would say no. They are commonly misinterpreted and people regularly confuse their symptoms with other drugs. Here is a brief overview of what you should know about barbiturates.

A barbiturate is one of the many depressants that is on the market. They are intended to help one relax, and eventually, most have the intention of helping someone fall asleep. When you take a low dose, they can allow people to simply take the edge off of a crazy day or an anxious life. However, when combined with alcohol, or other drugs, the effects can quickly go into overdrive.

Most people experience a few of the same symptoms when taking barbiturates. Usually there is slurred and slowed speech, really slow reaction times to common activities, drowsiness which can be extreme, staggering as if you are drunk, difficulty breathing, and difficulties with decision making.

Only a few doctors still rely on barbiturates. Most have switched over to benzodiazepines. They can still be prescribed for people suffering from some seizure disorders, or specific pain problems, however. If you have been using them, you must continue to take them only as prescribed. Should you take too much or take them too often, they can quickly lead to addiction. This will typically require a treatment program that has experience with barbiturates to help you break free. Trying to detox on your own could cause long-term, sometimes even permanent, consequences.


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  • I have had these prescribed one time for migraine headaches. I always heard they were really powerful and addictive. Yet when I tried them, I never felt any time of drunken reaction, sleepiness, relaxation, and my head still hurt! I think I must have not had a common reaction, because I thought, why do they talk these pills up so much? I don't know of anyone taking these any more, do people still use them for anything? It was about 10 years ago I had my Rx.
  • Thanks for this useful post! 

    Sometimes we are confident on the medication our doctor prescribes without realizing that we could be at risk of addiction, when those medicines are barbiturates.
  • Good information. I didn't know all of this and yes I think there's definitely not enough information about this drug.
  • I got really hooked on them when I was younger, they almost destroyed my life,but that was mostly because I didn't know when to stop.  Thankfully and amazingly when I stopped taking them I don't recall any withdrawal symptoms.  
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