Benefits of Attending Women-Only Rehab

After an addiction, rehab is the next most important step. You need to find the right kind of rehab to give you the best chances at living an addiction-free life. There are many rehabs to pick from, but one that may not pop into your mind right away is a rehab designed for women-only. These rehabs can offer some amazing perks. Here are a few to add to your list to consider.

The support you can get through a women-only rehab is unlike the support you will likely get through a coed rehab. You can speak with other women who have gone through situations similar to yours, and know that they can listen and not judge.

The advice you can get from other women can also be more helpful than what you may get from some men, just for the simple fact that most men do not have the same experiences as women. They can tell you what worked for them, and what didn’t work, allowing you to move forward in your recovery journey with help from those who have walked your path, too.

Another major benefit of going to a women-only rehab is the fact that when you speak, you can feel safe. It is not to say that a coed rehab will leave you in an unsafe environment, but in the company of men, many women struggle to open up honestly. If you are one to be a bit withdrawn when in the company of men, then you may find yourself going through addiction rehab with a greater level of purpose should you attend one that only has women around.


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  •  I think we don't have those over here, but if I was an addict in recovery I'd surely like to go to one of those women-only rehab centers.  We have a man-only rehab center very close to my house actually,  so maybe there is a women-only one, but I have yet to hear about it. 

     I can imagine many women would preffer a women-only rehab center... after all meeting more people, specially people of your same sex who are going tru the same must be so helpful.

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