Can you take sleeping pills on a normal basis wothout addiction?

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  • @bisearoet  yes, many people take sleeping pills as directed and do not get addicted to them.
    those that are prone to addiction might be tempted to take more than prescribed....probably depends on what is prescribed as well. 

    to be safe, only take as prescribed and i would suggest look for alternative sleep aids as well. the natural route.

    here are some symptoms of sleep pill addiction...

    *taking more than prescribed...
    *obsessing over the pills
    *increased tolerance to the prescribed amount
    *stressing out when you think you have to go off

    have you been prescribed sleeping pills?

    i have never used them...i suggest you read this post:

  •  They're good for only so long, but could possibly become poisonous. It's unhealthy for your body to have to be forced to go to sleep regularly, rather than going on it's own. I've used Unisom and it works, but even the bottle says that, though Unisom is non-addictive and not even an actual sleeping pill, if you use it for at least two weeks straight to see a doctor.

    If you're using a prescription, see what happens for side effects. If say that you eventually find out you don't need them and try to quit, your body will probably get sick from withdrawl. What's also bad is that sleeping aids tend to make you slow and groggy the next day, and that can go from anywhere between annoying to just plain dangerous (i.e. driving).

    If you're not seeing your doctor about this and it's been a problem for awhile, it would be a good idea to get there soon.

    I also suggest staying away from caffeine and a lot of sugar after noon time.

  • it really depends...
    normal OTC sleeping pills only have antihistamines in them. taking those regularly isn't good for you either because it can make you tolerant to it (meaning when you need something for allergies it may not work as well) and you may need more and more to sleep. you can also build a dependence on it, meaning you might find that you can't fall asleep without taking your "routine" sleeping pill. this may be a physiologic process or psychologic process. either way, this is a dependence not an addiction and those are 2 totally different conditions.

    if you're talking about prescription sleeping pills like benzodiazepines or narcotics then it's almost the same situation. you'll get used to it most likely and find that you need more to do the same effect. your body will also get dependent on it. again, different from addiction

  • Most sleeping pills contain some sort of narcotic as their active ingredent. Narcotics are very easy for your body to become depenedent on.

    If you have trouble sleeping, I don't advise you to take sleeping pills. Talk to your doctor or a sleep expert. You may also want to try some of these sleep inducing techniques:
    -Drinking a warm cup of milk
    -Avoiding caffiene 4-5 hours before sleeping
    -Avoiding a big and stuffy meal
    -Not watching or engaging in an intensely physical activity
    -Reading a really boring book (history useually works for me)
    -Taking a really long and hot bath
    -Getting a massage
    -Maybe eating some dark chocolate....but only a little
    -meditation/ yoga
    -A comfortable bed
    -Soft and light soothing music

    Try and clear your mind away from issues that nag and bother you. Remember: what ever it is that is bothering you, is somthing you will eventually have to deal with. So why not deal with it tomorrow when you will have a fresh and bright mind to work with.

    Also, try and seclude you bed away from work, study, and TV. Try and use you bed only for rest and sleep, so your mind will get tuned to calm down and engage in sleep while you're there. Finally, keep your bed aera dark and boring.

    I hope this works for you

  • if you want to take sleeping pills i would suggest melatonin, it's an all natural hormone that is produced by the body to establish natural sleep order!

  • If it's a willpower issue, it's probably possible to take them daily and not get addicted. Just know that the likelyhood of you BECOMING addicted will skyrocket. People used to say I was addicted to coffee for example as I drank it for years. But with willpower I stopped flat. No "other things to kill the craving" or anything. So it's possible to NOT be addicted with daily use to a substance.

  • Yes, I'm a testament to that.  I use to take them because of my irregular sleeping habits.  After awhile I stopped using it once my sleep patterns got better and I learned how to spend my energy during the day so when it comes time to sleep, I would do it easily.
  • I have problems with sleeping due to insomnia from having Multiple Sclerosis so I have considered taking an over the counter sleeping pill. I am very afraid of becoming dependent on the prescription meds but am really looking for an alternative to that.
  • I think an alternative to that @guitarmom1279 would be to use natural remedies like exercise before going to bed, a warm bath or eating banana and cinnamon recipe.

    If you look it up, there are several natural ways to help you sleep. I hope you do not get dependent on the sleeping pills because it becomes hard to stop them.
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