I am an addicted to alcohol pills and have lost the man of my dreams and I have an eating disorder

please help I really want to stop
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  • Hi @dreamer44, there is hope...first and foremost. Thanks for reaching out here, which takes a lot of courage. You're among friends who know what you're going through and the devastation of losing what's dear to you. Recovery may seem like a long road but it's so worth it, and we all believe in you. Feel free to elaborate on your situation as much as you feel comfortable. Either way, we'd love to know more about what's underneath your addiction to pills and alcohol, and your eating disorder.

    Sending good vibes your way :)
  • Yes, you can make it! Just be aware that you will not be able to get rid of all those problems at once.
    As @menacetosobriety suggests, please elaborate a bit more how you came up with all of these, and let's go step by step, tackling one addiction at a time until you get clean and sober again, and without suffering from eating disorders either.
  • it's a very bad habit of smoking and drinking alcohols it can make you separate from the society. according to their point of view, it is not a habit that you perform in front of the society which makes your other family members ashamed of our bad deeds and makes you financialy bankrupt
  • I think you should seek treatment for all three of your issues instead of just one at a time. I don't think you should worry about the man of your dreams right now. It sounds like you need to focus on your health and your basic well being. 
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