Best ways for stress relief?

am a student, and when I am in class and listening to the teacher,
sometimes I might not understand the question or how to decipher it.

Understandably the teacher had to adhere to the problems of other
students, so I don't know what to do, then the people around me also
don't know what to do in that situation.

From there i start to get quite stressed and angry, I then have
heightened emotions because I have energy/stress I need to release but
can't as I am sitting at my desk.

At home when this happens I would either go to the punching bag and work
on that or do pushups, however I cannot do this in the middle of class.

So I was wondering if anyone had any ways to help with my anger/stress problems?
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  • Count to ten and take slow deep breath's until your heart rate goes back to normal. Be patient because your teacher is doing what he/she can at that moment. If you are having problems that he/she can't answer during class ask him/her when class is over. Let your teacher know how you feel, maybe he/she can help you or point you to a good tutor.
  • Try not to focus on the teacher or whatever it is causing you stress. If you need help with the question, a tutor centre is always best with those. Do yoga but if you are in the middle of class, leave the room and go to the bathroom to cool down. Usually if I cant understand problems especially if you are in college, self study is the best way to figure out things or going to the tutor centre. Makes a lot of difference! With stress, I always just try to block all things and concentrate on breathing. Hope this helps. Good luck with studies.

  • Some foods help with mental stress, I know. I think it the anti-oxidant rich things, like REAL dark chocolate (don't eat too much, though). A warm bath may help relieve your body of aching, too. Try rest, most importantly! Have you ever tried letting out your emotions on paper? A journal or scetchbook may do the trick. Yoga's great, too. It keeps you in shape without too much stress, as it's pretty much all a lot of peaceful stretching.

  • I believe the best option is meditation. When you meditate it helps you develop the brain and keeps you fit both physically and mentally. You can meditate on seeing yourself overcoming those problems and finding a better place to live. If you dont know how to meditate then move here and move to the meditations page. You should find some meditations to do. If you still need any advice, feel free to contact me.

  • Deep breathing can definitely help in the moment. And I definitely agree that you should bring up your concerns outside of class hours, or consult a tutor. No shame in that.
  • Meditation. Can do it anywhere, costs nothing and has been proved to reduce blood pressure.

  • Deep breathing and being centered, focusing in the present moment and forgetting the past, moving on and calming down.
  • This is a problem I face too. I face a lot of stress from trauma and anxiety, not to mention my heavy workload in an office. Unfortunately, that's one of the reasons I became addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. I didn't know enough effective, healthy coping strategies.

    One thing I've found that helps me, however, is blogging. Connecting with people who get what I'm feeling, and just getting the words in my head down really help me remember I'm alive and okay.
  • Whenever I felt stressed in class I'd just doodle for a little bit so I could zone out for a little while as I calm down. I try not to get too into it though since I have to listen to the professor, but a few drawings here and there do help. Also, a big part of my frustration sometimes comes from just being hungry so maybe try and bring along a piece of candy or some crackers for next time and maybe that will help a little as well.
  • Tata, this explains why I'm constantly doodling in the classroom. I can't help myself, one minute I'm listening, the next one doodling a flower or a girl. Seems like it has turned into an addiction of it's own, haha. I remember an elementary school teacher being mad at me, because my notebook was full of drawings on the corners, and she didn't like it. I think she called my parents or something. Can't believe that doodles got me into trouble!
  • Elfprincess it could be due to a number of reasons, but personally I,ve always just attributed it to boring teachers who don't know or don't care about what they are doing, but on a few occasions it was more just because of my own condition whether it was due to me lacking sleep or just not getting a good meal in me before coming into class.
  • As for me, whenever I feel stressed, I just always resort to reading novels, listening to music, or watching movies. I occasionally write some. These habits keep me focused, and sane. Well, I suggest meditation for you. When you're about to burst in anger/stress, take deep breaths, and mutter a positive mantra such as, "This too shall pass" or "Everything will be alright."

  • I always used my pencils as drumsticks whenever I felt stressed and it helped a lot. I have been thinking that I should become a drummer lately. Be sure to bang on a soft surface, like your legs, to avoid being heard by the teacher. It happened to me once, and she told me to get out of the classroom.
  • I agree with @LittleCowprint and @kylerlittle to try deep breathing, which is breathing into your stomach instead of just into your chest. Focusing on your breath can help take your thoughts and emotions away from what is immediately causing you stress. However, I would like to understand the situation a little more, if that's ok. It sounds like you get stressed/angry when the teacher discusses something that is confusing, and you are not able to get clarification before he/she moves on again. Is this correct? Or do you get frustrated when the teacher answers your question in a confusing way, but you do not want to hold up the classroom by asking more? And what exactly goes on in your mind when these situations happen? Sorry for all the questions - answers to them might help to find a better strategy for you to utilize in the classroom. 
  • If you want to destress when you are in the class, take a deep breath and focus in incoming and outgoing breath. If you have skills, you can begin illustration or just doodle.
    If stress is on going problem, you can do thing that you enjoy most.Gardening or shopping can be therapeutiuc,.
  • I always refuge into gardening. I's provides me with a healthy, calm environment where I can be in peace. I can't recommend it enough. It's amazing!
  • Whenever I feel stressed in an academic setting (I had to take a really hard test  some months ago), I remind myself that nothing is as important as my health and that failing this subject won't be the end of the world for me. Nothing will be :) Just keep reminding yourself that, and let go. 
  • I try to vary my coping mechanisms every now and then as being caught up in a routinary stress relief method may add to my stress. From watching movies to reading books to bonding with family and friends to playing with our pets to traveling, I've basically tried every form of stress relief available and in accordance with my budget.
  • My best way is getting away from everything. unfortunately for me my only stress is in my house. My family is producing it so I just keep away as long as I can. The problem is my freelance job that needs me home on my laptop. Hobbies like crafts, woodwork and all other creative hand working things help me to cope with the stress. 
  • You have to tackle the issue that is giving you stress.

    Try and get the teachers attention or help from someone in the class that knows.

    Punch bags or using aggression is not an ideal way.
    Your brain will start to wire in that response, those aggressive pathways will become more set and you'll resort to anger easier. It's a feedback loop, we development and respond in a way that we're used to acting....

    Try walking or meditation instead of the punch bag :)
  • For me it is working out. I need to get up and get moving in order to feel good. I get so depressed and stressed out that I have to go for a long walk in the morning and at night. The more I work out, the better I sleep and the better I eat. That helps regulate my stress.
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