Praying to beat drug addiction???

has anyone ever implored Jesus to help them beat a drug addiction and become a new person????

i say this only because demons are most likely behind mind altering/addicting narcotics
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  • I never prayed to get over my addiction but I don't have a particularly religious background. I am firmly of the belief though that if it works for someone then it's a great thing. I actually recall seeing posts on here recently (I can't remember the exact poster, sorry!) who was talking about how much of an impact God and religion has had on their recovery. I feel like recovery is such a unique thing because we are all such different individuals that what works for one person might not be everyone else's cup of tea - but I'm happy to hear anyone's recovery story, however they did it!
  • We all pray to beat every kind of sin addiction. One way or the other it is all the same. we need God to help us walk away from all evil, that is why we must be in constant prayer with him. We must pray with all our heart and at anytime and anywhere. It is really between God and the individual praying. You need not to go anywhere to pray or have any formal prayer. Pray at anytime and from anywhere you are. Just pray with your heart. Ask him to please help you to please have mercy on you or for whoever you are praying for. Just ask God, Jesus Christ our Lord to please Direct you Guide you and lead you to repentance and that He if possible, if it is his will, and his will only, to open up your spiritual eyes and spiritual ears and if it is his will, it will be granted at the appropriate time. Read the bible even though you don't understand it. It is God speaking directly to you. Ask him for understanding of the word and to teach you how to compare scriptures with scriptures for understanding of the spiritual message. The bible are earthly stories with heavenly meaning. God spoke in parables so not all understood. It was and is for a purpose. It is for the salvation plan he is now unfolding. We are at the end of time and it is now when he is revealing a lot from the bible: He says in

    Daniel: 12:9 " And he says go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

    Always pray with praises and with thanksgiving.

  • My neighbor Jonny actually credits praying, God and church for his recovery.
    I'm not much of a religious dude, but he tells me it really keeps him in a good place.
    He took me to his church one Sunday and even though it wasn't my thing, I completely understand how that community really helps him out.
    We all have to find what works for us! Praying can be a great path to recovery. 
  • I have never been addicted to drugs, but I have seen several people that people have prayed over and they were released from their addiction. I have seen people that were prayed over that were not healed. More have been healed than not. I really have no idea why some are and some are not.

  • Addiction is not so easy to deal with as you may think, and relying on simply spiritual aids is likely do more harm than good.

    Many people are helped by a spiritual component to recovery, yet it is not the be all and end all.

  • Let's not get too dogmatic here lest people who don't believe in religion get the wrong idea. But I understand your point. I've never had any substance addiction but I did and still do ask for God's help. Surrendering to Him takes away all your problems. It's not something I can fully explain but you have to have faith for recovery to set in.
  • I don't believe prayer helps in addiction. Some of the people we see become addicts are ALREADY prayers and such. So if praying didn't stop them from doing it, how can we expect it to help them overcome it.

    People need to have willpower and strength from with in. Those that believe in prayer should remember one thing "God helps those that help themselves".

  • I can say to you that, I never sought Jesus to beat my drug addiction, because I was so entrapped in evil, that the only thing my flesh was seeking was dope. I was an alcoholic/drug addict for 12 years of my life. The last 4-5 years before my Salvation, I was hooked on Meth. The Holy Spirit was on my trail for a good 6 months, before I was Saved. I was caught up in selling drugs and living that life. I didn't know 1 clean person. I couldn't imagine that life without drugs was even possible. I needed drugs for everything. To wake up, go to bed, clean my house, have a conversation, go in public, you name it. And yes there are demons behind it. But, you see, I don't really even like to say that I was a drug-addict/alcoholic, I would much rather say, I was a sinner. I was on my way to hell. I wasn't knocking on deaths door. I was in death's house, hanging out with him. Because sin is sin, granted addition is very much a tactic of the enemy. So, as I was loaded, I started being drawn to The Bible and in my heart, I was being torn. It's like my Spiritual eyes were being opened. The enemy had me. I was being tormented by demons that I had invited into my life via quiji board, I was strung out, I couldn't function without dope, I got to where I couldn't even work anymore. But, God gave me a dream, showing me that I was going to have to call upon the name of Jesus. After a series of events, I had to. It was either life or death. And I struggled with it, I struggled hard, because the enemy had a hold on me. But, when I was able to make a "decision", Jesus set me free. My Mother had given me the book 40 days of purpose, and I had read the beginning of it. It was all God, although I couldn't see it at the time. Because in what I read, I knew enough to know that God had a plan for me. I didn't know what He was going to do or how He was going to do it, but I knew I had to trust Him. I made the decision to turn away from the evil in my life depending on the Cross of Calvary in Oct.03. I threw myself into my Word and prayer and watched God work miracles in my life. I was delivered not only from drugs, but from the power of evil...period. Within that year of my Salvation, all 5 of my Mother's children were Saved set free and delivered. We have all wavered here and there, and we are far from perfect. But, my Savior is perfect. And we are justified by our faith. God is still to this day setting the captive free. I was in bondage to sin and evil. I knew no other way, until The Son of God was revealed to me. Jesus is still the answer and will always be. The Bible says that we wrestle not with the flesh, but with principalities and the rulers of darkness. As you said demons. That means also, that our battle is not with ourselves either. Our weapons are not carnal, but MIGHTY in God for the capability of pulling down strongholds. Addiction is a stronghold. But, praise God that Jesus holds the keys to death , hell and the grave. Satan has no authority in the lives of those who The Lord has redeemed. If God has ever done anything for anybody...He'll do it for everybody. He is our only hope. Peace!

  • No such things as demons.  Just the images and thoughts that lead you to believe that it is demons.  The problem is you and what you are thinking.  Don't blame demons.
  • im a firm believer in it helping. most definitely couldn't hurt
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