Stalking- Personality Disorder of Just Criminal?

I know of a woman who has had a stalker for years, this fellow went so far as to take a ladder and crawl into an upper window of her home when she was at work. That's how he got caught and how she found out for sure what was going on. Before that she would say that she had these feelings that she was being stalked. She blamed her ex-husband but never was able to prove anything one way or another. This guy was not the type that left flowers and wrote notes, he would just seem to track her where abouts and know things about her that made you wonder how he found out some of the information. they are not lovers and never dated or had a relationship.

She did not press charges because this is a family friend of many years, a son of a lng time friend. They say maybe he has Aspergers.  She seems to think he is harmless but I disagree. It takes a lot to just climb into someones window. Is her blind eye to the situation dangerous? Or is this just someone with OCD fixation that can't help themselves? They just have to do this for whatever reason and as long as they can do it they will be okay? He never steals anything, it's as if he just has to check on things, very weird.
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  • I don't think that anyone who willingly and knowingly stalks a person, especially so intensely as that, has some sort of mental illness. A normal person just would not go to such lengths like that. I know that there are some instances when people are stalking a person and they sort of don't realize it, but not this intensely!
  • What causes this disorder ? Getting a ladder and climbing into someones house seems insane. What exactly is the person thinking ? If he is attracted to the woman it doesn't seem like a good way to get her attention.
  • I had a stalker when I was in college.  I am male by the way, she was female.  She would follow me around college watching my every move, then on certain days she started following me home to find out where I lived, started following me around town, etc finding out where I went to visit my friends and that kind of thing.  In college the one day, she started freaking out on me for no reason then locked herself in the toilet for over an hour. When she came out she sat backstage behind the hall. When we went in there later, she had left an apple with a load of razor blades in it in the bin - I'm just glad she never attacked me with it!
  • If he is breaking into her house, that is hands down criminal activity - I don't care what the motivation is behind it, or if he does or does not do anything to her property, he has no business breaking into someone's home like that, period.

    If I caught someone repeatedly doing that to my place, I would have them locked up.

    Years ago, I had a guy who was stalking me online and at my work place - and I was worried he was going to start causing problems with my families house as well (I was still living with my folks at the time). I had to close down many of my online accounts and usernames on various sites that he knew I participated in, and lay low for a couple years. I also moved out of the area too, and kept my information as private as possible - not posting my name/address/phone on any web sites that could be easily accessible via a Google search. Another person he was stalking eventually had to get a restraining order against him.
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