Positive peer pressure

I am a person who grew up in a Christian community that prohibits alcohol (unlike the one that uses wine for masses). It does have a positive effect on me as I grew up to be a person who does not indulge in alcohol. I am not completely abstinent as I would drink a glass or take a sip if it is a form of respect to my peer or my business partners who pour wine on my glass but I never go out and order one for myself.

I do notice is that the reason I don't want to drink alcohol is because of peer pressure from people around me to stay away from them. Which makes me wonder if that can be considered a positive peer pressure. Regardless if you are Christian or not, I guess having those people around you will have a positive effect on you as long as they are not being judgmental.
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  • I agree with you totally. One thing I would not agree on personally is prohibition of alcohol completely. I know for a fact that from my own experience, prohibition completely in society can lead to addictions, because they might crave it someday and do it while being prevented in secret, which leads to addiction. This is what teenagers often do. I know also that you need a balance and not allow a vulnerable person around it. So perhaps, what you say is good for vulnerable people, but not people who are disciplined and they aren't overcome by alcohol.
  • That's good, our friends and groups show who we are, too. But I'd argue that peer pressure should just be the beginning of the whole deal; such as, even without the group, it remains a strong conviction of right and wrong within a person. Otherwise, like we've seen in many places, people are swayed to act a certain way to please the social norms/group they belong to, and then they are tempted to try it and then have to hide it etc.
  • I've never personally used the term "positive peer pressure", but I guess this is a good example of it. I could definitely say that your entourage definitely helped you stay away from potential inner disasters which could've happened at any time. Be grateful for having such friends around you! 
  • The kind of environment and people or peer groups that you had makes who you are as a person. They had a great influence on your behavior and actions but despite that your own thinking and right choices in life are still the ones that you should follow. You are lucky you had peer groups who are disciplined people who had positive outlook in life that is giving you positive visions in life and its great!
  • I think that any time something is referred to as pressure, whether it's seen in a positive or negative light then it's not a good thing. Pressure just makes me feel like the whole concept of it is forcing someone to do something they don't want to be.

    I think if they're not drinking and you decide not to of your own accord then that's great, but any sort of peer pressure to me isn't right. Encouragement is a much better term than pressure because pressure always has negative connotations - at least in my head it does!
  • Typically peer pressure is used in a negative light, but it is true having positive peer pressure can be really helpful!
  • I’m with @kassie1234 on this one - pressure comes with connotations of coercion, no matter what the intentions may be. You know what they say about the road to hell. But encouragement and support, those are great and they’re always needed.
  • Same here. I am also a Christian, and knowing what is right from wrong, and the fear of having the guilt of disobeying the teachings of the church somehow puts a positive peer pressure on you.
  • That is a positive support group that you have.  I am not religious but I do see the solidarity in church and organized religion.  I wouldn't take that route but I'm glad others are taking advantage of that.
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