How can i go to sleep fast without pills? i want home remedies and stuff like that! thank you!?


 i have a really hard trouble sleeping because i have a lot of stuff going on and stuff like that. I don't want to take sleeping pills because of all the dangers I keep reading about them. And since I know I'd need them for a long time I'd fear getting addicted. So I'm looking for other methods to help get normal sleep.
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  • I have been drinking a cup of Sleepytime tea and using lavender oil the past few nights before I go to bed. It seems to relax me so I can fall asleep easier and I have been sleeping pretty well too.

  • If you would like to finally be able to solve the problem of insomnia, here are different ways that you can prepare in advance in order to be able to do so.

    - Make sure that you are eating the right things during the day and getting a little bit of exercise. Our bodies tend to get out of balance on a regular basis as a result of the things that we are eating and the fact that we tend to move as little as necessary. This means eating a well-balanced diet every day, drinking plenty of fluids and getting a little bit of exercise. You would be surprised with how much this will help.

    - Make sure that you are not drinking any stimulating beverages within a few hours of going to sleep and never eat anything heavy in the evenings. You should also make sure that your body is clean as this will help you to sleep better.

    - Finally, prepare you mind and your body for a good nights sleep. Stay away from any type of movies or television that would stimulate your mind for action. Instead of doing this, try reading a relaxing book or some poetry before bedtime. You can also listen to relaxing music, take a nice warm bath or do some aromatherapy.

    Meditating on relaxing things is also one of the thing which can be easily done to place your mind and body in a position where sleep will come naturally.

    Meditation is a way to achieve altered states of consciousness such as relaxation and sleep. However, some meditation practices require many years to master. Fortunately, there is a technology known as binaural beats that can provide a shortcut. Binaural Beats help with Insomnia and are used before bed.

    These recordings are very easy to listen to they are blended with the sounds found in nature such as ocean waves, waterfalls and ocean breezes. You will find them totally relaxing and, once you start using them regularly, you will wonder how you ever got along without them. You can use them not only to help you sleep but at any time you feel stressed out. They are a great way just to take a break from everyday life.

  • •Relaxing before getting into bed. Busy lifestyles and overfull days can create stress and tension that linger after getting into bed and keep the mind racing instead of letting a person fall asleep. Taking a few minutes to slow down and do something restful before hitting the sack lets the body unwind and begin to enter "rest" mode. A regular bedtime can help, too.

    •Finishing eating 3 to 4 hours before sleep. This is especially true for those who suffer from acid reflux or nighttime indigestion, but almost everyone can benefit from ending all meals and avoiding all but the plainest of snacks a few hours before sleep.

    •Keeping the bedroom dark and quiet. The body's circadian rhythms can be altered – and fooled into insomnia - by low daylight or brightness at night. Make sure that blinds and curtains are thick and wide enough to keep light out of the bedroom. If there's a noise problem, try using a fan to mask noises outside the room.

  • Research will tell you that warm milk before bed helps. Also getting a massage right before bed (if there is someone in the house to give it to you). Also foods with a substance called tryptophan, like turkey. Tryptophan helps people relax and fall asleep. Lavender is also said to be calming and relaxing. You can buy lavender sachets to keep near your pillow. I personally find reading is only helpful if you read something boring. Otherwise, it can be stimulating. Also, turning the light back on after 10 or 15 minutes (if you still haven't fallen asleep) and reading your boring book for a few minutes, then turning the light back off, helps. Personally my guitar seems to help clear my head...working on chords and such can be tiring. Studying is probably a good one, since it can be kind of boring and routine depending. Counting backwards or forwards to 100 can be helpful. Or repeating some kind of chant in your head, like "sleep" or "relax" or any word that you find helpful. Listening to a long drawn out sound like that of a fan can be helpful if you don't let thoughts creep in.
    Doing some relaxation exercises, like progressive relaxation where you tighten then loosen your muscle groups individually starting at your feet, can be helpful. You can find lots of how to's on progressive relaxation by doing a web search. Relaxing all the muscles in your face and jaw helps too. Some people feel that listening to music while they fall asleep is helpful, I don't. Also some find that turning the light on and falling asleep with it on instead of off helps.
    Well, hope you are able to solve your sleep issue!

  • hi @letitherobe welcome to the forum! you've been given some excellent advice so far, so i would try what resonates with you.  also heard that something called golden milk is good before bed...i think it's an old indian recipe. good for you!

    here for you and would love to hear back from you with any success stories!
  • I have trouble falling asleep all the time. What I do when I cannot sleep, is I drink something that calms me down (warm is best in winter) and I put some calming music on and try to focus solely on the music. I eventually fall asleep.

  • physical activity~and lots of it~long hot shower~dark cool room run a fan to block out noise~prayers always work or me~good night

  • Avoid office politics! Wait, that’s a tip to myself…

    I’ve previously said that I like to read before bed (paper, not e-reader), and it works 9 times out of 10 for me. Warm liquids also help; some people like milk and others prefer tea. I fall into the latter camp. It’s also a good idea to avoid electronics before bed, though I must admit I don’t always do so. In any case it’s good to experiment and see what non-pill methods work best for you.
  • I also have trouble sleeping at night. Sometimes, to help me sleep, I would listen to mellow music or read a boring book. It totally works for me. 
  • There is something better than pills, not exactly healthy, but it does work for me. I just lay on the couch and watch TV, I sleep like a baby. 
  • Grab a nice book and a cup of tea and lay yourself in your bed. This should relax your body thus getting better sleep. I can't guarantee this will work for you like it does for me, but try, it doesn't hurt. You can also replace the tea with milk and honey.
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