An Everchanging Dynamic

Unfortunately, the process of recovery can really test the relationship between parents and children (no matter who's recovering or how old the child is). This particular dynamic can change on a day to day basis, depending upon how either side is feeling at that particular moment. It's a big challenge when parents are trying to help their children in the recovery process or vice versa. I've seen that not all families make it through this process successfully, and they've failed because the dynamic was so challenging to figure out between the two sides. 
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  • The dynamics of parenting are always changing so true teamxxl, and what works with one kid, doesn't work with the other. The key for me is to keep close to them, if we manage to do that everything else will happen easier. 
  • Some children put up a never ending fight and defiance with their addiction. Some parents give their all to try and help their child with no success. Other parents choose to ignore the situation and act like their child doesn't have a problem. No matter the situation the family dynamic is always hurt and changed forever. 

    Being a parent is hard. Being a parent to an addict is indescribable. 
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