Are the legal drugs less dangerous than illegal drugs ?

Does the fact that something is legal mean it´s harmless ? Does the fact that something is illegal mean it´s dangerous ?
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  • Not at all. Alcohol is a drug that is legalized. Look at the damaging effects of that. People can become vicious. Aggressive. Unaware of their surroudings. Unable to comprehend reality. Yet this is legal? Whereas weed has known medicinal benefits. No one has ever died from smoking weed.(except from the obvious cancer, but this only happens when combined with cigarettes) It is herbal and grown from the earth. People do not become aggressive on it. There are other "legal" dangerous drugs like plant food etc. these are also dangerous. As are illegal drugs. I personally have tried various illegal and legal drugs and find with legal that I end up with pains and ill feeling, whereas I haven't had a bad experience with illegal, this does not mean that others won't. But this is my personal opinion. I disagree with taking heroin as it overtakes your life as it is so addictive. And totally controls your life whereas recreational drugs like ecstacy, would be impossible to take every day. It would not be enjoyable!

  • They are called drugs to distinguish them from food and drink taken for nutrition, they are are not harmless, even the legal ones like alcohol and nicotine, in fact those two kill more people than all the illegal ones put together, but that's largely because they have a wider usage. I've never heard of a safe illegal drug, if you could come up with one it would probably make you the richest man on earth.
    All drugs act by altering the brain chemistry and they can all cause long term changes, from LSD which has put some people into psychatric care on a first use, to cannabis which can trigger schizoprenia and cause drug psychosis if taken regularly in strong doses, it was the British experience with Hashish addicts in Egypt which first led to cannabis being made a controlled substance.
    Alcohol is the main cause of violent crime in the UK, it is also a major factor in a large number of killer diseases from liver failure to heart attacks, while tobacco kills by causing cancers in the lungs, throat and mouth, emphysema, and strokes.

  • Not at all! Any drug, legal or not can have deadly side effects. Look at the chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer - they are extremely toxic and can cause complications that can kill the person. They are legal though. The same even with insulin that a diabetic takes...were they to take too much insulin - they would die. Even something as simple as aspirin has the potential to kill someone.

    The difference is that legal drugs have shown to be (or are thought to be) therapeutic in some way if used properly. This idea can be ever changing. For example, marijuana or some of its extracts are now being used medicinally. The danger is present in every drug, legal or illegal.
  • Certainly not, legal drugs have the potential to be just as harmful as illegal ones - as does almost any drug. The primary difference is the quality of them. Drugs made illegally are unlikely to be as pure as drugs made legally, which incurs all sorts of problems.

    'What's been added? How much of it? What could it do?'

    Best thing to do is steer well clear.

  • No some legal drugs can be as dangerous as class a drugs. The only difference is in what can become more/less addictive combined with what governments can/can't tax

  • Prescription drugs are not always legal. In fact, if you are abusing a prescription drug you are using it illegally. Any drug you abuse is dangerous.

  • Not necessarily. Legal prescription drugs can be extremely addictive if used improperly, and they can sometimes screw you up pretty badly even if you do use them properly. Whereas something like weed is less physiologically harmful, and it’s only been decriminalized in some places.
  • I wouldn't think so. I think a lot of drugs perhaps have low dosage in comparison, but they both would have the same affect and alternation of the mind. I think a lot of the so called "psychological" illnesses which I think are just labels, the industry would love to make money off of it so they just produce these drugs and claim it is specifically made for it when really it doesn't solve the problem, it numbs it just like alcohol would.
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