Do you believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in Destiny? What do you think destiny means? 

How do you think destiny is related to addictions? Do you think addictions are an obstacle in your path to achieving your destiny, or something that you've been destined to battle with? 
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  • @diane these are good questions. i do not know what i believe concerning destiny...i guess i think that somehow i chose to come to this earth to learn certain life lessons...and overcoming addiction is one of them :) 
  • Destiny is a word that has never been in my vocabulary. But I have recently become to notice many esoteric references to "destiny".  

     I wonder if destiny is something that is meant to happen, or something we should strive to achieve? So then I wonder, do addictions just cloud us and hold us back from achieving our destiny? If such a thing even exists?
  • I think there is a such thing as destiny.  Some people were made for greatness and other fall flat because of habits and addictions.  How does addiction relate to destiny.  I'm not sure.  It would be hard to say that anyone is destined to become a junky.  That would be crossing the line.
  • I see it more random than anything. e will be born with certain strengths and weaknesses. And those will play a pretty big role in our lives. But it isn't destiny, I don't think.
  • Kind of... I think that we all have a mission in life, I'm not really sure if it's specific for everyone but I think that all the bad things that happens on the journey are just part of the 'personal' goal, and it's our due to know how to fight against them and become better humans in the process.
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