Constant Anxiety Over Everything

Have you ever met someone that's like this? They'll experience anxiety from numerous triggers, and it seemingly happens all of the time. The one person I know that experiences such situations readily admits that her anxiety is that bad. It's something that she can't overcome, no matter what she tries to do. Obviously, she's not the only person like this, but I couldn't imagine going through that so regularly. 
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  • This is a problem I have had and I can relate to. First it started as anxiety about serious issues worthy of anxiety, that never ceased and just continued to get worse. My anxiety never had a chance to subside and settle down, I was always on high alert. Then, as time passed, less important things started to trigger my anxiety. Finally, 2 years later, nothing would trigger my anxiety at all - my body would just be overcome with waves of anxiety at any given time throughout the day, with no particular thought in mind.
    I 100% attribute this to my system getting out of whack and my body chemically running on a new "normal". Medication absolutely did help me break this cycle. The fact I would have anxiety over no specific thought just shows something functioning incorrectly in my body.

  • Yeah, I'm like this. Things that I know in my head shouldn't be making me anxious send me over the edge with panic and anxiety all of the time. Simple things like sitting in a classroom for a certain amount of time will drive me to count the milliseconds until I can leave the damn room, or even the thoughts of being in a car with someone, or talking to someone about them wanting to make plans and I'll still panic over it even though I say no! It's crazy!
  • I might fit the bill for this. Though I was never sure if there was a distinction between anxiety and paranoia. It's like I'm treading in between both at the same time. I wish I didn't have to be so afraid of everything or knowing the outcome of failure before it even happens. I think that's what has kept me depressed and feeling helpless for all these years.
  • For me there was no point in my life where my anxiety was stable. I would be perfectly fine for a week or even a month, then smallest thing would trigger me. Mental disorders are not like flue or colds. Unfortunately, I don't think you can just "get over" it. I am in the same boat as your friend. It is a terrible mental burden to bear and healing usually takes a while. But I am glad you understand or at least try to understand what she is going through and ready to be there for her. Not all of us are surrounded by caring and loving friends unfortunately. 
  • I used to be like this.  My husband has been the one who got me through most of it.  It's because of him I am able to do things like drive on freeways, go shopping or go to the movies.  There are still a lot I need to overcome but he is always there for me.  Whenever I have an anxiety attack, he holds me close to him even if I don't want to be held and breathes in and out very deeply until I start to breathe along with him.  I don't know what I would do without him.
  • I've met people who anxiety is constantly in the background. When they do something simple and ordinary for some, such as making dinner, they experience weird anxiety and feelings. It is tricky to find a middle ground for these people, really the best you can do is find what comforts them and focus on expanding this. For example, if swimming and being in the water reduces their anxiety, slowly progress them from swimming alone at home, to swimming with a group of friends to swimming at an event.  
  • I was diagnosed with GAD a few years ago and can quite relate to your friend. Some days are worse than others where my brain just constantly buzzes and is afraid. Any stress just feels like it is amplified and scares me. 
  • I haven't met anyone like this but it must be so stressful to have that condition. I'm sure the person would always be high-strung. Having friends around to calm you down would be great for them.
  • I do know someone like this and whilst I understand why they are so anxious, it's still frustrating at times. Oh, I know you can't just "get over it", not at all, but having to constantly explain and reassure can get a little tiring at times. 
  • The littlest things set off my anxiety and I just can't take it. I can't get over it. I can't move on from it.
  • If i'm having a bad day everything makes me anxious. I've been trying hard lately - excercising everyday and eating well. I think that helps with lessening the bad days.
  • Lately my anxiety levels have been so much higher than normal and I really don't know why. The only thing that I ever want to do anymore is lay in my bed and not face the world and my responsiblities and the things that make me so anxious.
  • The situation you describe could be "Generalized anxiety disorder". A vague fear about everything. A constant state of restlessness, tension, depression and worry is characteristic of the disorder. Yes, it's very difficult to get over it all by yourself. The same applies to your friend. You need external help. To start with, your friend needs to visit a psychiatrist and start on medicines and then follow up with relaxation and psychotherapy.

    Discipline and regularity are important in recovery process.
  • I also have anxiety issues but it's not that bad. I constantly fear about the future, about my family, about my friends. This sometimes causes me to experience panic attacks. I really don't know why. Probably being anxious is forever etched on my whole system now.
  • I have not met anyone like you have mentioned.  Quite honestly I think it would be very irritating to have someone like that all the time.  Always worrying about every little thing.  All they have to do is say "NO", I don't want to worry about it, so I'm not going there. 
  • I experience it from several triggers, but as long as I have my medication I'm usually ok.when I don't have it I'm usually not very popular
  • I think my anxiety is more in the background, especially more so than it used to be. However, in certain situations I’m super easily triggered. It always, always, ALWAYS comes up when I’m dating someone… which is exactly why I tend to avoid dating, hahaha. I’ve always suspected I may have a social anxiety problem, but I’m so good at covering it up in most situations, it tends to wallop me when I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. Then I’ll start feeling the constant anxiety for a certain period of time. It’s a bugger, but I suppose I should be thankful mine isn’t more severe.
  • Dear OP, I was like that when I turned 18, around that time. My anxiety was triggered by my OCD, since there were a lot things that really triggered my OCD. As a result my anxiety levels were so damn high!  I was so anxious of touching surfaces, liquids, going to the movies was nightmare... couldn't use the public bathrooms, etc.  It was hell.

    Is there a chance your friend might suffer from OCD?  Sometimes people have ahrd time connecting those two, because they fail to see the connection or they have no idea what OCD is.  She should look into that, it would be a good start for her.

  • I'm like this constantly honestly...I'm always having constant anxiety, I'm always scared of practically everything. I'm even scared of seeing or reading or hearing or even saying certain words because I get scared that something bad will happen! It can seriously screw with my mind and I admit it's really bad. I'm sure my friends would agree since I always have to ask for constant reassurance, and I think it's gotten worse over time...
  • I used to be like that, but not so extreme as the person you're describing. Still, I was starting to lose my mind when every person was making me feel anxious. I could barely keep a conversation for more than a few sentences and I was planning my life before so that I won't end up in a bad situation, thus being pretty stale and losing a lot of opportunities. That was pretty rough, and medicine wasn't helping either.
  • My anxiety is not that bad, sometimes I have social anxiety but is not that bad in comparison to other people with anxiety... But I haven't met anyone outside the internet who suffers of social anxiety yet, but I guess that there must be a lot of people dealing with it out there.
  • My anxiety levels are not quite at that point although I do tend to have many different triggers. I cannot imagine getting anxious over nothing at all and I feel for your friend. They may need to seek treatment if it is that bad and it interferes with their daily life. My son seems to get this way over minute details sometimes and he has OCD which a form of anxiety. This may be a contributing factor in your friend high anxiety levels. It may be worth checking out. Good luck to you and your friend.
  • One of my friends is like this - she has generalized anxiety disorder and feels anxious about a lot of things that many of us would just see as normal everyday occurrences. She sees a counselor though and takes medication to manage it, which I applaud her for doing - it definitely seems to make her life a lot easier when she's not overwhelmed by little things.
  • I have this somewhat I guess. I constantly worry about everything and I overthink things to the point where I feel paralyzed. I try to manage it but sometimes it does get the best of me. I think it comes from being raised in a household with not much security and it has caused me to be more comfortable in a state of being anxious.
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