What are your triggers?

Whether you have anger management problems or not, what are your common triggers?

I wouldn't consider myself an overly angry individual, but certain things will set me off. I'm not a fan of poor driving, or even people that hesitate too much while driving or in any situation really. I know people with actual anger management issues that have far more reasonable triggers, and then those who have slightly out there triggers. 
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  • I think just about anyone can have triggers that set them off. It does not have to be just because you have anger management issues. If a person suffers from depression they can be triggered by things that might remind them of something, or a person with anxiety could feel triggered by events that feel overwhelming.

    I think one of the things that sets my triggers off are when I am in situations where the outcome could be good or bad depending on how outside people chose to react. Almost like a performance anxiety thing I guess. Just last week at work I had a day full of triggers. What set it off is someone questioned a decision I made and was not happy because they did not get their way. I am a very to the book sort of person so the thoughts of deviating from the rules were stressful. This person would not stop pushing and my superior gave them what they wanted just to shut them up. That did not sit well with me because I felt that now I could be the one that looked like the bad guy because I didn't just give in. Felt no win to me and thats a trigger. I don't like being in those situations.
  • I am not a very angry person, which is helped by the fact that I have fairly low levels of testosterone, but for me it's people physically hurting me. I can really lose it if someone hits me, but fortunately I have learned to control myself so I don't act on my impulses anyway.
  • I find things not being clean something that ticks me off at home. When I'm at work it is usually at level of jokes, make its 3 or 4, then I start to get a bit annoyed. It is quite hard to control yourself when someone physically touches you. Also I had an episode when I was young at a school holiday camp during a night walk where a parent helper scared me and I attacked them. I'm not sure they knew how to react and nothing was done about it. 
  • I'm not an angry person at all, most people consider me calm and way more patient then other people, but I do have a trigger that can make me angry really fast. I hate it if people tell me how I think (especially since most of the time they are wrong). I can't stand it if people give their opinion about something that they don't really know about. I'm also someone who can get angry when confronted with a lot of ignorance and stupidity.
  • I think my anger is based on the individual instead of situation.  I feel horrible about it.  One person can do the same thing as another yet I will only find one of them bothersome and enough to make me blow up.
  • I get ticked off with people who tend to say something that I do not like to insult me. I do get ticked off when I things do not go my way. I just do not like my situation that I am living with no job and not having any income coming in.
  • I think my triggers are pretty much anything at this point. Anything that doesn't have anything to do with what I'm doing. For instance, I have a podcast that I need to record so I need to record it in peace. Then my mom ends up on the recording, which is tolerable because rather than do it as I want to do it, it ends up taking a life of its own. 

    Aside from that, if I have to leave and I can't, it annoys me. That's always a possible trigger. If things aren't done right or I have to get pulled out of what I'm doing, it doesn't fair well. Lately, I've been thinking about the people I used to be in contact with and have decided that it's better to stay away and having nothing to do with them because I just find the whole idea of friendship annoying now. I have have thorough and deep conversations with people but rather not linger or let them linger either. So there's a lot of that. 

    I've become a pretty angry person though and so everything is a possible trigger for me now. 
  • Yeah @blur82, I've felt the same way myself. Almost a month ago, I went off on the sound guy at one of my shows and felt awful about it. We're pretty good now but I don't like to go off on those tangents. I'm becoming this very demanding person now, I simply don't have the time nor the patience for surprises. 
  • I'm female so I need to spell out what the main trigger is! Other than that, my anger is pretty slow burning. The problem is that when I snap, I literally explode. Thankfully this doesn't happen too often but I probably need to look at ways of dealing with feelings of irritation before they turn into full blown rage. 
  • When people think that they can treat me like crap and be really horrible to me all of the time, using me and pretending like me and my feelings don't matter, that really sets me off. It both makes me incredibly upset, makes me feel really bad about myself, and it makes me extremely angry!
  • Usually I am a pretty easy going person. But when I am tired or hungry and people push me too far. I am not sure if my anger is justified, I live in a pretty violent place, and if someone threatens me I let them have it. You kind of have to do that, or people will take advantage of you.
  • I can agree with you @hellonamesdana I hate it when people treat me like crap too. It is something that some folks just do not think about which also makes me mad. I do not get why there are so many crappy people around. 
  • When people seem to be completely negligent towards my emotions, mainly.
  • I have different triggers, but the most common one is just being a pushy person. If someone just won't stop hounding me. I blow really easy if I walk away it's because I know I'm at that point. Don't pursue me just let me walk away.
  • Noises. Loud noises. Like car horns and even music shows I don't like. They are just so annoying, I can't even stand someone loud or any kind of screaming (except in music). This puts me off every time.
  • One of
    my triggers are people who are irresponsible and do not do their assigned tasks
    and jobs properly and the reason that they are not able to do it is not valid; like they were too lazy to do
    it or they did not feel like doing anything on that particular time. It really
    gets on my nerves because if an agreement has been set for you to do something
    then you should comply with what was agreed upon. This is really a trigger
    because time is valuable to me and an uncompleted task would mean a delay to
    the time table. 

  • People who are always clamoring for attention. It's exhausting to be around them, they are constantly making loud noises, talking loudly, getting in your way whenever possible and just do anything and everything to make their presence known to everyone in the room whenever they step in. 

    People with no "filter". The ones that pride themselves on "telling it like it is", when the truth is they just cannot stop themselves from making low-blow remarks about other people 24/7, and it's really more telling about how insecure they are with themselves that they feel the need to do this so often.

    Manipulative people. A former friend of mine is like this, he's an insufferable cheapskate and is *constantly* trying to weasel out of paying his portion of a check, or paying a cover charge, paying for parking, pitching in for stuff we're all sharing, whatever. And when you purposefully take steps to block him from doing this, he retaliates by starting fights among all of us and ruining everyone else's evening. He's just toxic to be around because he is *always* trying to use people and stir up shit.

    Slow drivers, slow people in general. I don't care if you want to take your time doing whatever or going wherever - but if you purposefully blockade others in the process, you're an asshole. Don't block a doorway or an aisle, while you stand there and play with your phone, and act clueless that there are other people trying to get by. I'm so glad many states now are starting to implement laws against people driving slow in the passing lane, Ohio is one of them, and they can now fine people for doing such. The goody-two-shoes who like to get in the passing land and pace the slow cars in the right lanes just so nobody can go over the speed limit are actually creating a more accident prone situation in the process, and endangering everyone else with their antics.
  • @clevelandguy many of those things tend to get to me as well. i definitely choose my friends wisely and steer clear of those that press buttons... as far as the roads...i agree people ought to go the speed limit...and stop texting and driving. people slow down to text... yuck!
  • I am not really prone to anger. I usually get hurt emotionally and I always try hide to hide all of these pain inside of me. But I don't really get mad. Well, if someone insulted one of my family members, I think that would trigger me, because I respect my family so much, and no one should mess up with them, specially if they are throwing false accusations at them.
  • I find if I am over tired, hungry or just stressed I can react in anger. For example, we have been waiting for a long time for a vendor to do some work we need done at work. Twice now I have sent out the requested information. Now the other day my boss gets on the phone and tells me to send the information yet again and I got very angry when she said they were coming the next day which was a scheduled day off. I had to stop a moment and think what made me feel angry, and what I concluded was it was because she did not even bother to ask what was going on. In the beginning of the month I tend to be very busy and she does not seem to notice that. It puts undo pressure on me to get time sensitive things done. I guess I am lucky at this job, I have been fired because of my anger in other jobs. I just don't feel it is to much to ask someone what is up prior to filling their time up.
  • I get angry when people insult me for no reason at all. I've had many people doing it to me, even in the street, whereas I don't even know them.
    I do agree that we should treat people the same way they treat us, but if one end startles a fight without a founded reason, then I think it's utter nonsense and rather very impolite from them.
  • Road rage is definitely my trigger.  I hate people that don't signal and those that don't make complete stops.  They need to follow the laws of the road or else someone is going to get seriously hurt.  Some people just stop on a dime because they were about to miss their cut off.  
  • I have a LOT of triggers and when they are set off, boy I do not want to be messed with. One of my biggest trigger I have is just being annoyed when I'm actually trying to focus, it makes me so mad because it slows me down whenever I try to complete/accomplish something I want to.
  • Also when people get so far in my business and make it about themselves and call soliciting advice I didn't ask for.
  • I’m pretty laid-back about most things. So much so, I sometimes won’t realize I’ve encountered a trigger for my anger until way after the fact. Cue hour-long rants. Haha. My slow-burn triggers include being given advice I was already considering, people being judgmental, and people pushing me to do things.

    The only triggers I can think of that are immediate are when someone’s trying to take advantage of me, and intentional rudeness. Accidental rudeness is one thing, we’ve all done it, but if it’s intentional I get pretty ticked off.
  • Me struggling from OCD and perfectionism doesn't help at all because a lot of things trigger my anger and temper. I know for sure, distrubting my routine and talking to me when I'm in the middle of something or doing some really non-polite behaviour really hurts me and makes me really angry. I discipline myself to not act upon my anger, that's where the issue relies.
  • I think that my tigers are pretty common: Loud noises (children crying, dogs barking, loud TV), When people misgender me, when I'm talking about something important to someone and that person doesn't seems to care, when people make racist/sexist/homo-transphobic jokes or comments, when someone is throwing their cigarette smoke on my face, and I hate dirty places too.
  • I'm not that easy to trigger, but the odd one out slips from time to time. I get really pissed whenever someone is overcriticizing what I do/say because they don't agree with it, even though they don't have the same beliefs as me. What's more irritating is when a person also talks without knowing what they're truly talking about, and doesn't listen to you even if you have some good facts to back you up.
  • Good topic to ask about, because anger (and all the associated emotions that tie into it!) are triggers for me indeed.

    The things that make me angry can vary, but I hate being lied to (doesn't everyone?!) so that naturally infuriates me. If I know that someone hasn't told me the whole truth and then basically lies to my face I get incredibly riled up, and it's a dangerous predicament for me to be in.

    I also hate when I'm judged in any way. Especially now since being a parent, I feel like judgement comes from left right and center - and first it upsets me (I'm a bit of a sensitive soul!) but then I get mad.

    Having a child though means that I have to try and keep any anger in check - it's not something that I ever want her to see!
  • It's so funny to me because even the sight of something simple like a vase would trigger my smoking habits. When I smoked I used to put the ash in glasses, bottles and even vases that's why. In retrospect it was pretty disgusting thank god I quit.
  • My triggers is having terrible team mates on league of legends!! It's really bullshit when you try your hardest and you have a moron who costs you the game. I get really angry and I was banned for a day for my negative attitude. I try to control it, but sometimes it's just too difficult!!
  • One of my main triggers is when people gets all passive aggressive with me for no apparent reason.  Also when someone wants to contradict me about things they don't even  know, like personal things (about my life) and they do it in a very passive aggressive way, but I am completely aware. That get's on my nerves.

    I also when I am talking about something important that just happened to me and the other person just interrupts me to tell me about osmething similar that happened to her years ago... that is so annoying! because it feels they didn't even listen to what I said.  What kind of conversations are that?
  • Stubborn people always trigger me. When someone continues to argue even when they are clearly wrong is just the worst for me. It's almost impossible me to walk away from that situation.
  • I am a quite angry person - I've tried to reduce my anger and be more at peace but, as I'm sure you all understand, it's a working progress. Solving anger issues isn't something that can be done overnight. I have many triggers, which makes solving my anger quite difficult. Some of my triggers include stubborn people, bad drivers, people who have no regard for anyone but themselves, being talked down to, being told I'm wrong when I know I'm right (also being corrected when I know I'm right), being told my opinions don't matter and being silenced. I know they're basically all the same (haha) but I figure this way they all fit into a nice category and I don't flip out about totally unrelated things lol
  • Anger is my problem. I get angry in insignificant things. Only if I know how to control anger. I have never to anger management session, however, I have tried to tame my anger from alternative therapy such as yoga,meditation etc. I don't know my tiggers. I can get angry about anything. 
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