I slipped...

I slipped this week both in the areas of self injury and binge eating. The outpatient program I am in was rather unhappy about the self injury. They keep suggesting I go back to a residential treatment program. Even if I could afford it, I went though said treatment program 2 years ago and it didn't help at all. It actually made my PTSD worse.
So, I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself tonight. I'd been doing quite well on both issues up until this past week.
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  • @lol

    thank you for opening up and sharing this.  i'm sure you do feel guilty for this, but i do encourage you to let it go and carry on with a clean slate. relapses sometimes do occur and then we're faced with choices...do we give up? 


    for me, admitting i slipped, forgiving myself, being vulnerable and open, and getting back on track is important for me...no matter what i'm dealing with.

    today is new day. what will you decide to do moving forward?  

    i hope you can let it go, and continue on the road of recovery and self-discovery.
  • I'm over the whole feeling sorry for myself now. New day, new start, and all that stuff. Going to the gym and then have plenty of errands to run. I do question if I'm ever going to move past the need to hurt myself though. I was in a treatment program once for self injury, there was a woman there who was in her late 60's or early 70's. I ponder if that will be me sometimes.
  • it happens. and everytime it does, you are just a little bit stronger and better equipped to handle the situation next time you're tempted.
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