Anyone else here on it? I've been on it for about 5 years for sleep. It's also meant to help with hallucinations and mania. Anyway...there is nothing ever said about it being addictive but I swear it must be. I've completely lost the ability to get a good night's sleep without it. I wish that doctors would truly inform people about the possibilities of addiction (psychological or physical) with medications.
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  • I take Seroquel as well and have noticed the same thing. If I don't take it at night, I wake up every hour and have some crazy dreams. I was originally told they prescribe it because it's non-addictive! I've come to decide all psychiatric medications have some level of addiction to them. Since they work on our brain, we get used to those chemicals and have problems when they suddenly aren't there,
  • Some people abuse it... I did in the past. I was unconscious for a couple days... I did it several times, along with other meds. I was trying to kill myself.  Then I liked the weird feeling I got after waking up from that... I felt more alive than ever, and didn't experience the same levels of anxiety or inhibitions I normally do.  I have met people who get addicted to this alone. So yes, some people  abuse this medication. Be careful.
  • I have tried to overdose on Seroquel this past winter due to some things that happened. It made me sleep for so long just like you say. I did talk to my primary care doctor about it, she said it's pretty much impossible to kill yourself with Seroquel. You'd have to take such an extremely high dosage for any damage to be done and even then, it's not likely to cause permanent problems.
    I think this is why it's given for sleep so often. Other medications like ambien and benzos can easily be overdosed on. Professionals consider Seroquel much safer.
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