Selfie addiction?

I notice on Facebook that there are just really way too many people who love posting a picture of themselves all the time, not even just once a day!  I honestly believe this is becoming some sort of addiction already.  What do you think?  Is it plain and simple narcissism or there could be some other underlying psychological problems that should be addressed?
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  • " I honestly believe this is becoming some sort of addiction already."

    You are not alone. Check out the article: 

    The constant desire experienced by some people to photograph themselves in order to share such photos on social networks could be related to a need to compensate for a lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy.
  • I've noticed this too - I am frequently "hiding" other peoples incessant selfies as I find them really annoying. I think that these people are looking for validation - they want to get all the comments telling them how good they look etc. I think some of it is definitely narcissm but a lot of it is an indicator of a underlying problem to me. 
  • I do know one girl in her early 20s that post selfies all the time. But I don't think she has any specific problem, other than I think this is a just some cultural phenomena in her age group, that this is just a normal and accepted thing.

    Then I know another girl in her early 30s that does the same thing. But for her I think it is more about self absorption. 

    It's become such a culturally accepted thing that it's hard to tell why some people are doing it, if they're just following the crowd or it's something more. 

  • There's also a girl in my class, and she's always taking selfies. I mean, even during exams! That's insane! Of course, she is also very narcissistic and just loves herself way too much, but I think it's also some kind of addiction involved. She just can't stop taking pictures of her face (and she's pretty ugly).

    But I've been thinking of showing her that article oldwriter posted, just to piss her off.
  • I actually agree with you.
    But I think most people today are not specifically addicted to selfies, they're addicted to themselves. I don't know what happened but I've noticed that most people nowadays have some degree of narcissism, it's just that people express it differently.
  • There is actually an addiction to taking selfies.

  • It is a very real and isn't a laughing matter but I can't figure out how to post the link that I have for this so I can't fully explain.
  • I think it can be excessive and probably unhealthy (because if you are doing it that much it's obviously for getting attention of others) but addiction? Isn't it addiction only if you can't stop yourself from doing it to a point of it affecting other parts of your life?
  • @wander_n_wonder  They are most likely people with the NPD or in other words... plain attention seeking narcissists. Plus I recently read that taking selfies can give those people a huge boost and satisfaction.  For us it doesn't make sense, but remember that narcissists have a mental illness, and feel the need to have all the spotlight for them. They do this online and offline, in many different ways.

    Some people take a lot selfies and post them online, others keep telling everyone about this great deed they did to help someone and constantly talk about themselves, even being rude enough to switch a conversation all about themselves.  Most boring people ever. 
  • Taking tons of selfies can become an addiction, but it's really a breeding ground for narcissism and even depression, depending upon how far a person takes things. People become vain when they post things on social media and then receive likes and comments from friends and strangers alike. It becomes a popularity contest, and there are tons of problems that can develop from such habits.
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