Dissociation in PTSD

I experience dissociation in the context of my PTSD. When I get really overwhelmed, sometimes I will feel like I go on autopilot. It's almost as if I'm inside my head just watching things happen and my body is controlling itself. People aren't ever able to tell unless thy try to engage me in a conversation where I really have to think about the topic. I hate the way it feels - like my body is not my own.
Anyone else deal with this?
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  • I deal with this more often than I'd like to admit. My recent experience was in April-May and it was awful. I went into autopilot for several weeks. I don't really remember much of those weeks too well but I do remember that I was very giggly? I kept laughing uncontrollable at nothing and if you were to look at me, you could tell that I was completely out of it. I completely understand what you're going through because when I dissociate, I don't even know where I go mentally, my body is simply controlling itself. 
  • PTSD is more and more common these days and to be honest we need not only to find an effective way to deal with it, but also try to cut the evil where it starts, try to reduce the traumatic situations.
  • I experience dissociative experiences daily, and have PTSD. I was diagnosed with PTSD first, and later DID, and I believe in my case they sort of just go hand in hand. That said, I can't really tell if one or the other is the cause of any given moment of dissociation or flashbacks, etc..

    Have you considered seeking further input from a professional on whether or not you may have something else going on along with your PTSD? Of course dissociation can happen with PTSD alone, I have no doubt, but additional information never hurts -- if it's available! I understand sometimes it's just not a possibility.
  • I know exactly what you're talking about, @Lol . I remember trying to explain to others what I'm feeling, and they couldn't understand.  Dissociation is terrible. It made me self-harm like crazy in order to feel something and be connected to myself. 
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