Perhaps a minor addiction?

It's not that I constantly find myself needing to watch porn, but it's something I do out of boredom even sometimes. It's something that I've found myself unable to stop doing. I frequently watch porn, yet I don't do it for extended amounts of time per session. I know people that are far more addicted (whether actually addicted or not) to pornography, though. What are your experiences with porn? 
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  • People addicted to porn most often also tend to be addicted to masturbation. Although it's almost harmless, but excessive masturbation too can lead yo severe problems. Watching excessive porn could be unhealthy for your sex life because porn is quite different from actual sex. Sometimes people end up preferring porn than to have sex with their partner.
  • "Sometimes people end up preferring porn than to have sex with their partner."

    In my opinion that's the "tipping point" for this addiction. Those who avoid actual physical contact due to finding a depiction of the activity more pleasurable than the real thing are already in deep trouble.

    I can't imagine how hard it would be for the person displaced by videos on the Internet!
  • I think moderation is the key. There's nothing wrong with watching porn at all, as long as it isn't taking over your life and causing difficulties (like preferring porn to sex with your partner, as parassd96 says). I wouldn't say you have a problem at all. 
  • I don't really see anything wrong with watching porn. I've watched it before and it doesn't really do anything for me, gay porn is not really...satisfactory most of the time, at least for me, so I don't tend to watch it. 
    I think it must be really hard to feel compared to porn videos, though. They do portray a very unrealistic expectation of what sex is like, especially when it comes to women in porn.
  • I've never found porn really triggering to be honest. Also, I've never found it disgusting and outrageous. I just look at it like at a normal movie genre. It's just an act that every single person does.
  • Porn it's not a minor addiction, it can lead to erictile dysfunction, so it's seems pretty serious to me. More, it's not a normal movie genre, come on, are those actors?
  • Same with your situation, I am also watching it if I am
    bored but now I don’t watch it anymore. If you are watching it for only limited
    amounts of time then that is normal and not an addiction. Some are more
    addicted like spending a lot of hours watching and also spending a lot of money
    on subscriptions and other pornographic materials. I just lessened the time I
    watched and eventually did not consider watching anymore because there was no

  • My fiance watches porn, but he tries to do it with moderation, because he feels watching too much porn really affects him in many ways.  He says porn seems to be making it more difficult for him to get aroused, he says it's because even too much of a good things is bad, lol.  I know what he means :P   

    I understand he watches porn  ow we are away from each other, but it's super weird when a man starts watching porn when his wife or gf is around. 
  • I think someone who has a problem with pornography probably has more of a problem with sex/masturbation addiction. I don't think there is anything wrong with using porn and I know several couples who use it together. I don't see the point in watching it out of boredom though, there are many other things you can do when you're bored and many of them are more constructive than watching porn!
  • I'd don't think there is anything wrong with watching it, and it sounds like you don't go overboard with it either. I find myself watching porn when I'm bored as well, and I see it as just a choice of something to watch just like how you would choose a movie or a TV show to keep you occupied.
  • I think the dangerous part about minor addictions is that if left unchecked they can turn into major addictions in the long run. I am a believer that everything can be enjoyed in moderation and everything can prove to be an addictive element in our lives when we allow it, so personally I think what's best is that we just keep ourselves in check and be as honest with ourselves as much as possible.
  • You don't seem to have a problem at all. Most people experience what you're experiencing, so it's fine. I myself fall into the category you're describing, that of the "bored" porn frequenters, ha, ha. 

    No, but really now, you don't need to be ashamed. If you think you'd be better off without watching porn, then go ahead, but just like missbishi said, there's nothing wrong with your habit. Moderation is the key!
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