DBT Therapy

DBT Therapy is a type of therapy that was created specifically to treat patients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, although now it is being used for the treatment of many other mental illnesses. It is usually conducted in both a group and individual setting. Patients meet for a group class along with one-on-one therapy. Instead of addressing past traumas, DBT focuses on the present and teaching four different modules. These modules are: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

I have attempted this type of therapy and found some parts work for me while others don't. Has anyone else tried DBT?
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  • @lol this is something i'd like to know more about! thanks for sharing!
  • Below I've shared a link to a nice two page article on PsychCentral that explains it in some more detail. I had a chance to do the whole group and individual DBT therapy route, but it meant leaving my PhD level counselor who I got along really well with and starting over with a new individual therapist who could've likely been fresh out of school or an intern. I said I'd pass! That was the only place in my city which I'm aware of that offers free DBT therapy so I haven't been able to pursue the whole package further. I am going to be working with distress tolerance now with my individual therapist though.

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