I just want to share some thoughts/ideas that were shared with me. 

As humans, we are small, flawed. To know and connect with the vast omnipotence of God is too much for us, it is too mind blowing and almost unattainable in our human form. Which is why we have Jesus - he is a bridge to God, it is through him that we can connect with and commune with God. 

But first we must accept Jesus, and invite him into our hearts, our homes, our life. In a quiet inward moment, one can contemplate him and ask him to enter our life, ask him to enter our home, and pray to him for help with our troubles.

Just some thoughts as they were shared with me.

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  • @diane thanks for your thoughts. this is great for those who want to follow the Christian path.

    many people on the Christian journey receive tremendous faith and love and healing...

    spiritual matters can blow the mind!! :) i contemplate them all the time!
  • Having a belief in a higher power most certainly helps those in the path to recovery. For those that follow a religious belief, they should call upon those deities, angelic beings and saints that are relevant to their particular belief. Many have been able to turn their lives around, and it all starts with a prayer. 
  • It is always a pleasure to meet someone who has the same believes as you. I am glad that you have made Jesus the focus of your life and is ready to take the message to anywhere. I am a big fan of Jesus. In fact, Jesus lives in me. I just wish that more people can understand how important Jesus Christ is. He is our way to heaven. He is the binning and the end. With Jesus,  We are assured of eternal life in heaven. We need to trust in him, depend on him and the complications in our lives will go away. My life has never been the same since I knew Jesus. In addition to that, I am sure that I have eternal life in heaven. What a privilege! Thanks for sharing. I wish the whole world could give their lives to Jesus!
  • Belief in Jesus can be the first step towards beating an addiction for some people especially those who were raised religious. At the very least, you'll get a support network in church. The prayers and all the good will might be what strengthens your resolve not to use drugs again.
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