Do you Need Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

One of the biggest obstacles for an alcoholic is denial and many times even after they admit they have a problem they feel that they can handle it on their own, without professional help. For some reason it is difficult for many alcoholics to say, “Hey, I think I need inpatient care.” Alcoholism is a very difficult and dangerous form of addiction to treat and most will require extensive inpatient care.

There are a number of factors that will be considered in determining if an alcoholic needs inpatient care. First, was treatment sought before? Was it on an outpatient basis? If yes, inpatient treatment is usually required. Next, how motivated is this person? Are they committed to their recovery? Inpatient treatment is more conducive to lasting sobriety through motivation and commitment.

The one thing that inpatient treatment offers that is worth its weight in gold is a place of safety during recovery. Here, the individual receives everything they would need to get and stay sober while recovering in a substance free environment. Everything that one would need to recover is offered in inpatient rehab.

Another crucial factor in success is determining if the alcoholic is a dual diagnosis patient. Not form of treatment can ever be successful if the mental disorder and the addiction are not treated at the same time. This is best done in inpatient facilities. Dual diagnosis clients are more likely to leave their treatment early but the chances do lessen if inpatient care is sought.

There is a lot to be considered when the type of treatment that works best for alcoholism is decided. Treatment for addiction is something that most only want to do one time so it is important to get it right. Are you or someone you care about an alcoholic that might be seeking help? If so, do you believe inpatient treatment may work best?

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